YouTube phenomenon, Phillip Hudson, is well known for his collaborative channel with his brother Emmanuel Hudson (Wild N’ Out). The two frequently post comedy sketches as well as funny music videos. Phillip and Emmanuel began making videos around 2009 but instantly gained everyone’s attention when they released their incredibly popular video called “Ratchet Girl Anthem (She Ratcheeet),” which hit 13 million views!

Phillip and his brother tour internationally as a comedy duo and he mentioned during his recent interview on Starrdom100 Radio that he is the youngest of eight siblings. Let me go on record to say that, Phillip Hudson is your go-to for daily laughs on social media because he is not afraid to say what you are thinking but however you might refuse to say. His comedy sketches are not to be watched while eating or drinking because there is a high chance you will end up spitting your food or drink out while laughing at his creative comedy sketches! His signature laugh on most of his videos, he stated in our interview comes from his dad and it is definitely part of the reasons behind keeping fans in tears with laughter on every video.

“I heard my dad do that laugh a long time ago and then for some reason me and my brother just locked in on it.” “Now it’s like how I laugh in real life”, says Phillip.

Earlier this year, he made an appearance on HBO’s Insecure after Issa Rae stated he was one of her favorite comedians on social media, he mentioned during our interview.

Here’s what he shared during our discussion.

Who came up with the idea for you all to start making these videos?

Well, two of my older brothers did videos and they called me and Emmanuel out the house one day to make response videos to their videos. It’s funny because in the beginning, I didn’t even think I was funny at all. I didn’t realize my value to the videos, and it just took off from there.

There’s so much creativity behind your work.

When we started, we always tried to be original with our gigs because it’s so much on the internet. We try to base it off of what we would say at that moment. It’s crazy because like nowadays it’s like my mind is always racing so much and I’m absorbing like everything that’s around me. So it’s like if I hear something or see something and its funny, I branch off of it. I’m inspired by everything around me, and it’s weird because I’ll be rehearsing and people will see me and think I’m talking to myself because you know I play all the characters in my skits.

What has this overall experience taught you the most about yourself?

Overall it’s taught me that being honest in his world can either make you or break you because some people, they can’t handle the truth. The comedian thing about it is like we say a lot of honest things but it’s taken lightly because you know people laugh at it but we say some honest things and you can offend a lot of people. A lot of people appreciate you doing that and then a lot of people will turn their nose up at it. It’s interesting to see how people absorb your honesty. So it taught me that regardless you have to keep it honest and original and what’s for you is going to be for you. The blessings are going to keep coming as long as you stay true to yourself and true to what you believe in.

What advice would you have for someone who is trying to pursue a comedy career?

Be original, if you can innovate then try to innovate. Try to be as original as possible. Don’t take too much advice from people. Try to have a new thought, don’t try to ride coattails. If this is what you want to do then make sure it’s something that you would do for free, and don’t look to blow up. If you’re going to blow up then you’re going to. Just stay consistent even if you think you’re not making an impact, you are.


Phillip Hudson just released a new single which is available on all platforms now titled, “Get N Get Out” and the beat is insane produced by BigC made Dis Here 4 Me!

Click here to listen now! For his music, you can find him under Phillip Benjamin on all platforms.

I had so much fun laughing and listening to what was shared with me and to hear more of what Phillip Hudson shared on the show you can click here!


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