What do you feel when a connection you’ve wanted to reach happens? Do you embrace it? Are you shocked when it actually happens? Psychic Medium Lakara Foster is a spiritual individual who helps others connect with loved ones through her gift. Not only is she a Medium, but she is also a boss lady who shows no signs of slowing down to build her empire. Take a look as she shares why she loves what she does, and where she aspires to go. 

Explain the gift God gave you. Why do you feel it’s needed more than ever in this day and age?

I have been blessed with the spiritual gift of psychic mediumship. Being a psychic medium allows me to connect with the departed and bring forth messages of closure, healing, and peace. There are so many people suffering the loss of loved ones and feel as if death is a finality.  The grief causes many of them to shut down and they become stuck at the place in life where their loved ones died. When they meet with me they instantly know that there is an afterlife and their loved ones are safe, at peace, and always around us offering their love and protection.

What’s one thing you love most about what you do?

I love the way that I am using this gift to help heal people by bringing them closure and peace through the messages from their departed loved ones. I also love the instant joy and transformation that it brings to the life of people who have received or witness a reading.

Besides being a Medium, what other ventures are you involved in?

I am an author working on my fourth book, in the process of filming season two of “The GIFT” in my hometown of New Orleans and creating a national tour where I am able to give live readings to large audiences. I am finishing up my doctoral degree in Ministry due to graduate in May 2019. My project topic is “Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above:  Making the Case for the Inclusion of Psychic Mediumship among the Spiritual Gifts of the Modern Church.

Have you always pictured yourself helping others in life? What inspired you to be who you are today?

Yes. In all my career professions I have always found myself helping people. I have been a barista, a counselor, a real estate agent, a professor, and a spiritual coach. I believe we are called to serve others and help heal the world in whatever profession we choose. I feel blessed to be able to change lives in all the ways I have been employed.

What more can we expect from Lakara in the near future?

I am planning a national tour (New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York, Houston, and Los Angeles) preparing to film season two of The Gift.

Featured Image provided by Lakara Foster