The cosmetic world continues to grow and expand into a place where anyone can find products suited for them. Now there is another company revolutionizing makeup, this time with nude lip colors and nail polishes. They are Mented Cosmetics, founded by KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, who both were presented with the challenge of finding perfect nude lipstick so they made their own.

The website features the collection in a chart with each shade featured on models that are light, medium, medium/deep and deep. Along with that, at the bottom on the page there is an ingredients list, which includes the facts that the lipsticks are non-toxic, paraben free, vegan and not tested on animals. These are all major components that are helpful to a customer who is not able to swatch the lipstick for themselves and would like to see it on someone that has a similar complexion.

As for now, the Summer Collection is $16.50 per lipstick or $45.00 for the complete collection and the Capsule Collection for $89.00 which includes six shades. The Capsule Collection is six very moisturizing shades that is blended with browns and pinks to create different shades. They also have nail polish, the Nude Nail Collection that are $8.00 per nail polish or the entire collection for $15.00. Be sure to check them out now and find your perfect shade today!

FEATURED IMAGE Courtesy of Mented Cosmetics