“We knew that this was something special, and we needed to be working together.”

So let’s talk J. Bolin! You both make an amazing visionary team.

First of all, I love him! I love the integral and God-fearing man that he is. He’s just gifted and anointed to be able to see fashion and just not basic fashion but to see it in a different way than what people do. No one client looks the same. He looks at you, sees what is unique about you and uses that. He is in the creative lane that God has given him. No one can stop you when you are doing what God wants you to do and he is walking in his purpose.


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Makeup by @paintedbyjeremy

J. Bolin’s Groomer: @cerronehemingway

Tina Lifford’s Hair: @bflyyexperience

Deborah Joy’s Hair: @jeromedemonte

J. Bolin’s Stylist: @troy_clinton

Deborah Joy Winans & Tina Lifford Stylist: @stylistjbolin

J. Bolin’s Assistants Tameka Smith @thefashionableassistant, Alysha Horton @alyshaantoinette & Evonya Easley (@loveevonya)

Photos by @dreanicolephotography