Reppin’ California in that laidback old fashion Bay area swag – but with a Sacramento twist – Diamonté “Saweetie” Harper is a down to earth young lady oozing with confidence that comes from mastering one’s journey. With a fairy tale story of plot twists and turns, Saweetie’s life reads like a tinsel town screenplay – of hard work, sheer talent, and dream chasing. The last two years has put Saweetie on the map as both a rapper and entrepreneur. She is making her mark and her rise to fame should inspire us all to go hard, dream big, and work smart, while not taking social media for granted.

A natural born hustler, Saweetie is self-sufficient and resilient – a young mogul in the making. Not relying on her famous family roots – yes, Gabrielle Union recently confirmed Saweetie is her paternal cousin, and that’s only one of her famous family members- with her mellow West Coast disposition, Saweetie explains, “Everyone who has made a name for themselves within my family did it the old fashion way, with hard work while following their passion finding their purpose, and never quitting. I needed to carve out my own way & not ride their coat tails, so I worked for everything I have now. It feels better this way.”

Makeup by Dionte XU

Hair by Keisha Johnson

Styled by Bryon Lavar

Creative Direction by Winnie Stackz

Photography by JASSIEUO Jasmine Durhal

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