Serayah shares the secrets of how a NO can be the best reason to fight for you YES.

California has certainly birthed it’s share of unbelievably talented people! Including one of our favorite Golden State native’s Serayah McNeill! She’s young, beautiful, and oh-so-talented. The phenomenal part about her is that she’s only getting started! Serayah is a woman of my talents; she’s an actress, model, and very gifted musical artist. She is humble and extremely kind, a gift from within that introduces itself the moment you begin speaking to her.

Serayah has always been an overachiever and she is definitely no stranger to hard work. In high school, she was a star player on a varsity team; from this, she learned the importance of rigorous training and how critical it is to be a team player. It also helped her learn the power in not giving up and going hard after what you want.


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