The first day I met Tina. I saw her on the red carpet and said, “Wow, I can create some magic with her!”

What’s new?

I believe if we’re living life well, every day is new. Even if you’re doing the same old things, you have to come into the new day with determination to do more. Queen Sugar is a wonderful opportunity that continues to bring newness to my life. It is through Queen Sugar that my relationship with J. Bolin has flowered. Queen Sugar is responsible for the book deal that is in my life at this moment. So there are a lot of things that keep coming from my day job. That’s pretty exciting. Outside of that, I do passion work under the Inner Fitness project, of which I’m truly committed to. It needs to have more attention called to not only our inner health but also our well-being.


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Makeup by @paintedbyjeremy

J. Bolin’s Groomer: @cerronehemingway

Tina Lifford’s Hair: @bflyyexperience

Deborah Joy’s Hair: @jeromedemonte

J. Bolin’s Stylist: @troy_clinton

Deborah Joy Winans & Tina Lifford Stylist: @stylistjbolin

J. Bolin’s Assistants Tameka Smith @thefashionableassistant, Alysha Horton @alyshaantoinette & Evonya Easley (@loveevonya)

Photos by @dreanicolephotography