Rochelle Brown and Sonia Armstead of Powerhouse Productions are an amazing duo! These two are known for creating quality culinary/lifestyle content. Their episode series, Patti LaBelle’s Place is on the cooking network. These two powerhouses have worked with household names such as Emeri Lagasse, G. Garvin and Kathy and Regis. Not only do these two run a successful production company, but they are also full-time moms and wives!

Powerhouse Productions is an award-winning full-service production company with a national reputation for high-quality and innovative productions. Compelling storytelling, a knack for developing new talent and fresh programming ideas for their network clients are just a few of their attributes. The company has produced many diverse series, specials, non-scripted, lifestyle, reality, and documentary programming in both the field and in the studio.

The company was launched in 2003 by executive producers Rochelle Brown and Sonia Armstead. The “dynamic duo” pride themselves on the passion and dedication they give to each project. They have proven that they have an uncanny ability to create and execute original programming that can be seen on top cable networks. Their slate of programming includes shows on TBS, Food Network, TV One, Cooking Channel, HGTV, Fine Living, BET, and Disney. They were tapped by one of the world’s biggest companies, Nestle, to create an entire web brand and Internet series for a new Culinary Program.

They received critical acclaim for their hit docu-series, TV One’s Save My Son, hosted by Dr. Steve Perry, which won a 2013 NAMIC Vision Award for Outstanding Reality Series. Touching the hearts and minds of viewers, the program created a movement in communities around the country to save at-risk young African American men.

I had the pleasure of speaking with them recently and they both shared some insight on how they got started and the excitement of the services they provide in television production!

What was the inspiration behind starting Powerhouse Productions?

Sonia and I wanted to not work for anyone anymore. We are both creative souls, and we wanted to do programs that we wanted to do, develop, sell, and produce our own projects. Give ourselves the opportunities we would not get at some of the major cable networks.

How did you two team up for this business?

Sonia and I have been friends first for years, we worked the business together and we always dreamed about doing our own thing, God made it so that our individual contracts were up around the same time, and we looked at it as a sign. I had already decided to leave my job and convinced Sonia to jump off the ledge with me. We were both single, doing extremely well in our careers, and we owned our own houses, so there was nothing to do but to do it!

You help develop new talent. What do you look for in someone new to the industry?

I am always looking for people who pop, people who excite me, people who bring something new to the game, or I look at celebrities and see how I can help grow their brand! I love a good challenge, and I love tapping into talented people who really know how to use their gift!

What was it like creating (the series for Patti Labelle) Patti Labelle’s Place?

Patti is my good friend, we adore each other! Patti believed in the PH girls when no one else did! She is amazing to work with because she trusts you to do the work, she had brilliant ideas, and we really honed in on something she can really do. Patti can cook her face off! She is the truth, so having a show where she cooks and entertains her friends was a no-brainer, and unlike other cooking shows, we let Patti do her thing! She is so funny and honest!

What are the ups and downs to creating & pitching stories to networks?

The truth is one day you’re hot at networks and the next day you may not be. But what we do is create relationships; that is how you stay in business. Our partners rely on us to produce and bring them top-notch programming!

What services do you offer?

We offer all types of services a full-service production, and business management. We develop, produce, and sell TV shows. We are hired by all types of companies to produce content for them. We offer talent Management and development. We can handle it all from start to finish!

What upcoming projects do you have in the works?

We have some really BIG news coming up. We are helping to launch a new network, we have several projects in development, including two new docu-series and a home improvement show with a twist. Our biggest pleasure comes in giving back, and working with other black women who rock like us!

Discover more about this dynamic duo and see what else Rochelle Brown and Sonia Armstead of Powerhouse Productions have in the works by visiting the official website today!


Featured Image: Powerhouse Productions