Certified Trauma Recovery coach, Sia Moiwa knew she was called to help others in life. In addition to that, she is the creator of Instrument of God Ministries, which was created to help others through the experiences she faced in life. That’s not all folks because she is also a transformational speaker, prophetic poet, and minister. In this exclusive with SHEEN Magazine, Moiwa opens up to us about the services she provides through Instrument of God Ministries, her book ‘Pieces of Me,’ and offers her best advice to our readers.

What inspired you to create Instrument of God Ministries?

I was inspired to create Instrument of God Ministries from my own life experiences. I knew there were woman, men, and children alike who smiled but behind that smile was deep pain that none sees, there was death creeping and depression had killed their dreams and promise of an abundant life. I wanted to be the Instrument that God used to be the example that God can heal, deliver and restore. That he could turn their Trauma into Triumph, Fear into Faith and Brokenness into Strength.

What services do you provide?

Instrument of God Ministries provides a number of services to help trauma survivors towards their recovery process and goals such as:

Transformational Speaking – Empowers you to make a dramatic change in your thinking, manifestation of healing and character, to reveal the part of you that is capable. 

Transformational Individual and Group Coaching – Hands-on coaching that will guide you through metamorphosis with step-by-step strategies to healing and wholeness.

Corporate “Work Trauma” Training –Trauma-informed training that helps employers to Recognize, Assess and Respond to trauma-related triggers and/or events that affect an employee’s work performance or ability to cope within the work environment to help reduce the negative effects of grief, trauma, and major life-changing events.

Prophetic Poetry – Inspired poetry that speaks to the heart and mind of Gods people to bring about healing.

How did you grow so deep in your faith?

That’s a very good question…. lol, I think deep is the very word I would use to describe my faith. God and the importance of relationship with him were instilled in me from a very young age, so I always had a sense of unwavering faith. I was taught very early to study the word, how to pray and how to fast and my mother was the corporate of what submission looked like. Having a strong foundation allowed me to overcome trials which helped me to solely rely on God and to be honest I always knew my calling but until I accepted it, that is where I learned how to stand on the word and not be moved under excruciating circumstances. My faith grew in Worship and in cell of my pain.

Tell us about your book, Pieces of Me.

Pieces of Me is a book about my personal poetic journey and experiences of trauma and overcoming. It is a story of restoration and vindication of how God allowed my trauma to collide me into my healing and purpose. It is a road map to help others to step out from behind their trauma, find safety, process the traumatic events and begin to heal and overcome as well as take ownership of the promise of 3 John 1:2 “God’s desire is “in all things” every area of your life; mentally, physically and emotionally makes good way.”

Can you offer your best advice to our readers?

Fall in love with the roadmap of your life. Accept your truths and learn that along your journey forgiveness is necessary to give love out of a pure place. Know that your wounds if you allow them will heal over time and you will become the healing Instrument for others to experience freedom. Use your voice to empower, impact and change for the voiceless, they are waiting for you to speak up.

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Featured Image by Serena Dawn Photography