“Credit is essential to life as soul is to human form” 
-Sypreme Essence

When it comes to managing things like our finances, many would vouch for being almost an expert at making sure that they are staying afloat with expenses. However, there is a major area that we often tend to overlook and that area is our credit. How often do we keep up with our credit score? Are you taking positive steps towards making sure you maintain a good credit score?

Surprisingly a good credit score can be the bridge between getting approved with or without much money. When purchasing a car or a home, having a good credit score can often substitute for approval with no money down.

But why do so many of us ignore that credit score? It could possibly be out of fear or the fact that some of us have not been properly educated on how to maintain a healthy credit score. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with credit expert, Sypreme Essence about ways that we could help build our credit score and keep it in good standings. She shared with me some very helpful insights as well as how her company helps individuals restore their credit, despite having school loans, bankruptcy and more.

What are some of the biggest issues you have discovered among people with their credit scores?

The biggest mistakes that people make is that when they obtain credit cards, they don’t know how to use them properly. They think that as long as it’s charged, and paid off every month, then it is okay, but actually it should be the opposite, you have to have at least 3-10% reporting by the closing statement date so that you can jump your credit score every month.  If you are reporting at zero balance then it’s reporting no activity so therefore your credit score won’t move. Also you never want to use over 30% of the total amount of the credit card, if you do then your credit score will drop.

Some people have a lot of debt from school loans. Can having school loans be used as a way to help increase your credit score if you are making payments?

You really can’t because the student loans affect the debt to ratio. By having that type of debt, those loans will hinder you, especially if you are trying to buy a house. In most cases people will hire me to take the loans off of the credit report, this of course does not say they don’t owe them, because they have to pay them, I just help to move them out of sight.

How many credit cards do you recommend having in order to build a healthy credit score?

The way to build your score is by obtaining no more than three credit cards. Keep the utilization under 30%, and you have to order your credit reports, you can obtain free reports from, always know where you stand with your credit score. Start with a secured card, it will help to jump your score by 100 points or more if you don’t have any revolving credit. Your second card will jump you by 60 points, and then you can add tradeline to your report to have your rent reporting which will also jump your score maybe 60-80 points.


It’s a must that we keep an eye on our credit scores, knowing the right information can help you improve your credit. Credit expert, Sypreme Essence, provides a ton of helpful information for clients all over. She started her company, “Credit Warriors” in 2016 with a plan to help individuals like us, understand and complete your own credit repair and or credit restoration of your credit files with TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Her company started out as just a Facebook group of 12 members and soon grew to a total of 400K members! Her program also provides free educational tools and resources that assist members in achieving financial freedom and knowledge to not only repair their credit, but maintain it. Be sure to check out her site today for some very helpful tips to building and restoring your credit score at


Images by: Sypreme Essence