Tips and tricks for finding Mr. Right, even if you’re on the shy side.

It’s cuffing season, and as the weather cools down, our desire for a handsome ‘ting goes up. For some women, flirting, and getting boo’d up is like second nature. For others, more of an effort is required, especially if you’re an introvert! But don’t fear…there’s no need to change your personality to snag your future bae. If you know that going to a club or striking up a conversation with some random guy, isn’t your style, here are five easy things you can do to catch his eye, even if you’re on the introverted side.

Smile & Stare…Sorta

A friend once told me one of the best ways to get a guy to approach you is to hit him with a smile since it’s super inviting, shows feminity, confidence, and gives him the green light. Let him catch you staring for a brief moment, then give him a warm, subtle smile, so he knows you’re interested … just don’t overdo it.


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