Educator, entrepreneur, beauty mogul, and best-selling author, Curstin King clearly does it all! Her astonishing life story proves that she is a woman that exemplifies strength beyond all measures. With the release of her book titled, UNCover Girl, we had to get all the details on the shining star as she opens up to us about her book, her love for traveling and food, and much more!

What inspired your book, UNCover Girl?

Growing up I was really mean, hateful, and envious. As I grew older, I realized apart of me still felt like that or certain things would make those feeling resurface. I prayed and asked God why was I like that and where did those feelings come from. I also told him that I wanted to become the best version of me in Him. He told me to WRITE!  So I started journal. As I I was journaling God started to reveal the obstacles or struggles I faced that I suppressed and forgotten. So then I had to first face it, deal with, then allow the healing to begin. 

Teenage pregnancy, drug-addicted parent, absentee parent, neglect and abandonment, bullying, promiscuity and emotional abuse is just the tip of the iceberg in my story. 

UNCover Girl mirrors my strength, struggles, and healing. I combined hard-hitting and insightful motivations to connect with readers at an intimate and individual level, which leads to a deep focus towards finding not only their passion by their purpose within their pain as I did.

You are also the owner of Studio 9 Nine, a hair and makeup studio. 
SHEEN Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman. If you had to share one beauty advice to our readers, what would it be?

Beauty starts within. So if you are struggling to get it right and nothing that you do seems to be working, search your heart and start working towards becoming on being the best version of you in every aspect of your life. Watch a certain level of confidence arise! Then it won’t matter how much or how little makeup you have on or if you have you hair down or in a bun  you’ll be able to put on your invisible crown and be ready to conquer the world.


You just recently found your love for traveling and food. Is there a 
place you’ve traveled where the food scene surprised you?

No, I’ve always loved food (laughs) but yes, I love to travel and visit new places I recently went to Miami and surprisingly I like clams! WHO KNEW!? However in my down time when I’m not operating in one of my many callings I enjoy writing, planning, setting goals and strategizing how I’m going to accomplish them.

What can we expect to see from Curstin King in the future?

A book tour, yay! I am planning my 2020 Book Tour. Follow me social media to find out when I will be in your city!

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