11-year hair veteran, Cynthia Smith made a decision at her ten-year mark that she was done styling behind the chair. She notes that 2018 became the year that her focus met passion. On top of being a hair influencer in the world of YouTube, she sought to bring in income in multiple ways, there is no doubt about it that her success story is admirable. Smith told SHEEN Magazine that her overall mission to be the helping force that allows newcomers to get a head start in the world of hair. Check out our exclusive interview with the hair guru herself as we discussed all things hair and how she was able to get comfortable with putting herself out there!

You’ve earned a great amount of subscribers on your channel, how did you grow comfortable with putting yourself out there?

It was actually pretty easy to put myself out there. The hair industry made my skin as thick as nails. I look at my work as art and the hair industry is extremely judgmental so I learned how to live out loud with blinders on! I learned year seven that words thrown at you to break you are only from unhappy people. If I let it affect me, I take on the energy that has made them so nasty. I had to learn “energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is simply transferred from one source to another.” I won’t be the source and I won’t let anyone block my light! I know who I am!

How do you deal with the haters?

I love haters and trolls, anyone growing on social media should! Nowadays social media is all about engagement. In the YouTube world, we call them trolls. Trolls attract other trolls which sparks up conversation, which increases watch time, and pushes me to the top of the algorithm. I love haters, they make you money and they don’t even know it (don’t tell them)! I engage with them in a way that pushes their negative energy back on them for example. If someone comments “ you’re ugly and you suck at doing hair.” I’ll say something like “ Aw Tinker Toodle, who stepped on your box of fruit loops this morning?!” I love to kill them with kindness! My mother says it’s like pouring hot coals over their heads! 

What is your favorite hairstyle or color to rock?

I don’t have a favorite style, my hair is always different. When it comes to color (don’t judge me), I love deep purple, it just feels so royal and out of the box! 

What is one piece of hair advice could you offer to our readers?

The one piece of advice I give anyone I come into contact with is to be yourself! There are more than enough people pretending to be someone that they are not. So be you, when you do that there is no competition. When you have no competition, you can focus on yourself and learn about you! Learn your hair even past the cuticle layer. It’s all over the internet for us to pull from. Black women can grow beautiful long hair. The first step is killing hair myths that follow viral trends and learning the true science behind our hair! It’s not as simple as a wash and go! Our hair is like magic! Learn it! 

What can we expect to see from Cynthia Smith in the future?

I can’t spill the beans too much but I really hope everyone has their popcorn and a good seat because I’m just getting started.

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