Cyrene Tankard may be the youngest of the Tankard clan but she’s surely proven she’s a force to be reckoned with! Not only is her entrepreneurial spirit something most look up to bubbly personality and warm energy is what captured our hearts. In this exclusive interview with Cyrene, we discussed her experience on Bravo’s hit show, Thicker Than Water: The Tankards, her holy grail beauty products, and her newly released journal titled, Journey to Self.

Tell us about your newly released journal, “Journey to Self.” What is it all about?

Journey to Self is an interactive journal for young girls. It kind of guides them through where they are at in life and provides them with action steps to get them to where they want to be in life. It teaches them how to execute and strategize how to get there. It includes topics such as: finding your niche (which is a big part in living out your dreams), figuring out where you fit in at, being selfish with your time, having good work and faith ethic, customizing your own experience, and a lot more! It’s includes written passages that discuss the topic of the section and it goes into asking prompting and cultivating questions to get things going. It also provides pages for you to write on as well.

Can you tell us about your experience being on Bravo’s hit show, Thicker Than Water: The Tankards.

You know, it was different. I was around 17-years-old at the time when the show came out. During that time, I was just trying to get through high school (laughs). As we got into season two and three, we got to deep dive more into our lives and what we had going on. Honestly, after the first season, I got used to the cameras and flow of things. My biggest thing and my biggest thing to this day is just sharing to help other people. Life in general, if I know that someone is going through certain issues or have overcome issues that I’ve been through, then I feel so much better. I love getting that feedback from others and to know that I may have helped someone else.

You are also an empowerment speaker, what inspired you to speak out to help others?

The biggest thing was the feedback that I was getting and the results. It’s a great feeling to hear how you have affected someone’s life or to know that your pain helped someone’s purpose.

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SHEEN Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide from the Modern Day Woman; can you share with us your holy grail products?

I am in love with Il Makiage. They have a beautiful Highlighter Dust, I am obsessed with highlighter (laughs). I can go crazy with it. I also love COL-LAB Makeup for their foundation. In addition, I love Fenty Beauty lip gloss, it has such a beautiful color and shimmer to it. I really like Skinfix’s Oil Foaming Cleanser, I cleanse every night. To take off my makeup, I use Face Halo. They are these cute little pads, all you do is add water, and you wipe your face to remove the makeup!

Tell us what we can expect to see from you in the future?

Look forward to more beauty, skincare, and health. I plan on speaking out more on what I’ve dealt with ulcerative colitis. I have some information about it on my website and things like that but I look forward to sharing more about it. I have been getting a lot of feedback on social media. There will be workshops for the journals, pop up events, and a lot more!

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