You may know Daniel “Booby” Gibson from playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and being married to the R&B singer Keyshia Cole. Sheen Magazine got the chance to know a different side of Gibson, and that includes his talents such as writing poetry and music. Throughout the interview Gibson showed his love for music, and how he uses his writing to put all his thoughts on the table. His humble and energetic energy flowed during the interview as he spoke on dealing with the ups and downs in life. Also, Gibson gave us the inside on his new album coming out soon! Gibson is a change agent in the entertainment business as he brings positive energy to fans, while speaking on growing from life’s hardships.

Sheen Magazine: On Twitter and Instagram you posted up the quote “Find a man who is unafraid to embarrass himself for you…find a love for a lifetime.” Have you ever embarrassed yourself to prove your love?

Daniel “Booby”  Gibson: Oh yeah… I’ve done that a couple of times, but I’m a hopeless romantic! I put that up because that’s what I believe. Men are big on pride, but if a woman can find a man that puts his pride to the side for her that’s real love.

Sheen Magazine:You also have a lot of quotes about love, happiness, and encouragement! What motivates you to stay strong and encouraged?

Gibson: With social media, when you are on it nowadays it’s surrounded with negativity. It’s like everyone is brainwashed by social media, and always putting someone else down. It’s my goal to be different and bring positivity on social media. I always want to uplift and shine a light on the positive things.

Sheen Magazine: One of your followers on Twitter mentioned you and said you should be doing R&B, and you responded with Flow & B. Is that the vibe that you want to make with your music?

Gibson: That’s my genre! I didn’t want to be like everyone else. It just comes naturally, and I’m not afraid to be emotional, open, and honest about what I go through. I make most of my music for the females, but not every song is strictly for the females. My song “Suicide” was inspired by everything that was going on, and you know I have my son that means so much to me. I wanted to create a change and make something that could stay around. I dedicated that song to my son.

Sheen Magazine: Do you find poetry as a getaway?

Gibson: I survived some dumb things that I did, and things that men do. With poetry and music it’s like that moment I’m writing and in the studio, it’s just me letting out what I’m thinking. I find it more as a healing process than anything.

Sheen Magazine: I saw on your Instagram page that you had an amazing quote by Rob Hill Sr. about the heart waiting. So dealing with love, are you at the point where you are going to just wait and see what happens?

Gibson: A lot of times in life people are just afraid, and when we want something we want it right then. If it’s available we are going to get it then no matter what. You have to learn to be patient though, and then you can cherish what you have and be dedicated to it.

Sheen Magazine: So the question everyone wants to know! Where did the name Booby come from?

Gibson: Well, my grandmother actually started calling me that. I don’t know why or where it came from, but it became a family name for me. When I made it into the NBA people never called me that. It was really LeBron that got people calling me Booby during the rookie hazing. Somehow he found out my nickname and everyone was calling me Booby (laughs).My grandmother passed away a few years ago and she raised me. Now that name means a lot to me, so now when I hear it it’s like a term of endearment.

Sheen Magazine: Growing up who did you look up to, or who helped shape you into who you are now?

Gibson: First, I’ll say Tupac. Not just for his music, but for who he was as a person. I found out that he wrote poetry and he really inspired me to be who I am.Also, I can say my pops. Growing up we had our ups and downs, but even through that I understand now what it was like for him. To be father and to be a man.


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Sheen Magazine: Okay so time for the infamous questions. What did you learn from your divorce with Keyshia Cole?

Gibson: I learned the value of things. I honestly took a lot for granted dealing with the NBA and relationships. When you reach the top you feel invincible, and that’s the point that I was at. It is a humbling experience though, and I know what I want. If I do meet someone that I want to take it to that level with, I want to show her what a man is really like.

Sheen Magazine: How is your relationship with Keyshia Cole now?

Gibson: It took a while for us to get it together after the divorce, but there’s no beef. We’re focusing on raising our son.

Sheen Magazine: You take risks and are not afraid to take chances. What are you doing to step out of your box and how did you decide that music is what you wanted to do with your life?

Gibson: People always try to put someone in a box, and say no you can’t do that. We let people tell us what we should do and put a limit on us. There’s a point where you have to make honest decisions. Many time there is a chapter you don’t want to close, because you feel that there is more in store. I felt as though I reached my potential as a basketball player, and I had to be honest with what I wanted to do.

Sheen Magazine: Speaking of your music when is your album coming out?

Gibson: There is not an official date yet for the album to come out, but I have an original single coming out October 6th.

Sheen Magazine: What is your favorite song on the album or which one has the most meaning?

Gibson: There’s a song called “Nobody Knows”, and I just think it’ll give my fans a better understanding of who I am. Why I chose music over being in the NBA. My mistakes and triumphs that got me where I am today.

Sheen Magazine: Is there a message that you want readers to see?

Gibson: I don’t know why, but there is always a stereotype with athletes that go into the entertainment business. I haven’t played in about 3-4 years, and all of that time I have just focused on entertainment. I just want people to have an open mind. Music is my passion.


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Photo Credit: Chad Finley