Danielle Nicolet currently stars in CW’s hit series, The Flash! Not only does she perfectly execute her role as Cecile Horton, also known as Ce-Seal-Your-Fate Horton to Ralph Dibny’s criminal contacts and our favorite member of Team Flash. In addition to that, Danielle will be starring in the indie feature, Faith Based, set to premiere in 2020. We caught up with the beloved actress to discuss her exciting role on The Flash, what we can expect to see in the new indie film, and much more!

Tell us about yourself. What made you want to get into acting?

I’ve had a pretty standard American life of a small town girl from an industrial suburb in Ohio on Lake Erie. I don’t know what made me want to become an actor. I just always knew I wanted to do it. My earliest memory of figuring out how I was going to swing that was at four-years-old. I remember watching a television show that was set in San Fransisco. I remember getting up, walking to the kitchen, and pulling on my mom’s skirt and asking her if we could move to San Fransisco just because of that one television show (laughs). I just knew I wanted to know that I wanted to be an actor.

Tell us about role on The Flash and what it was like filming this project.

Well, my character Cecile Horton has kind of evolved over the seasons. When I joined the show in season three, I was the District Attorney of Central City (the fictional city that we take place in). I joined the show as Joe West (portrayed by Jesse L. Martin)’s love interest. Over time, my character evolves to be his life partner and having his child. In the midst of that, during her pregnancy, she develops super powers of her own. Initially, she was a telepath and then those powers evolved into an empath, meaning she can feel and sense what others are feeling. It kind of makes her a human lie detector and a best friend.

What can viewers expect to see when the show returns?

A lot of stuff! In regards to my own character, I can say that there will be yet another evolution in Cecile’s life with who she is, what she does with her powers, and her purpose for Team Flash. We have a new show runner this season (the person who is overall in charge of the writing) he is taking the show in a really cool direction! We don’t just have one big baddie that’s going to last the entire season. It’s going to be broken up into segments. Our biggest crossover is called Crisis on Infinite Earth and it crosses over all six of the CW DC Universe series.

You just recently wrapped up production on an Indie Feature titled, Faith Based. What can you tell us about that?

Faith Based is a ridiculously funny comedy about two idiots who decide they’re going to get rich quick by scamming a church out of money and producing a faith-based movie. I play Tiffany, the ex-girlfriend and occasional bed buddy of one of those guys who ends up being the producer of that movie. It’s basically a really funny and light-hearted take on the fact that people often have mis-aligned motivation for making money and they take advantage of good people with really good intentions to try to get themselves rich. I think that’s a pretty kindly subject matter in our country right now.

You have a strong commitment to criminal justice reform and women’s rights. Tell us about that.

I want to be more vocal about those things that matter. I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be on the number one show on the network that people enjoy watching. Kids watch this show so I feel like we have a chance to share information with our younger audience in order to shape their view of women and their future. I strongly encourage others to do everything they can to get involved with causes they believe in. Step up, show up, and also come to the Women’s March, it’s going to be an advance in the election coming up in November.

Are there any upcoming projects you could tell us about?

Right now, I am focusing on The Flash with several more months of shooting. Faith Based should be coming out in the next few months. That’s what’s on my plate at the moment, which I am super grateful for.

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Featured Image by Ryan West