Danielle Parker is an empowering woman who wants to teach real estate to inner-city communities.  She is a motivational speaker, financial advisor, real estate guru, and community philanthropist. She has community assistance programs for inner-city families where she provides clothing and financial assistance to people in need. These programs are in Cleveland, Philadelphia Pa, Baltimore MD, and Chicago IL.  Danielle is the CEO of Diamante finance where she helps inner-city communities to understand the importance of finance and real estate. Outside of that, she is also the founder of the “The Lady Millionaires Club.”

The Lady Millionaires Club is an all-female investment group that purchases and sells real estate, as well as provide transactional funding for real estate deals throughout the United States. The great thing about this group is they are going into neighborhoods revitalizing, but also giving back by building community centers and providing outlets to the underprivileged families.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in the last 12 months?

My biggest accomplishment within the last 12 months is the Women’s Wealth Group that I formulated. Our main focus is not just making money but we’re also focusing on community re-development. This year we’ll be redeveloping the communities in the City of East Cleveland.

What’s a very practical tip for women just starting their real estate careers?

The main thing I would stress to women just starting their real estate career is to seek knowledge first. Don’t make blind investments. Take classes, join network groups, shadow successful real estate investors but be careful of the frauds. So many people profess to be real estate moguls but don’t own any real estate. Do your research and use the resources that are out there.

How have you surprised yourself so far in your career?

I surprised myself on how fast I built my real estate portfolio. A few years ago I realized that in six months, I had purchased 8 single family properties that were in condemned condition and rebuilt them. They are now 8 Luxury single-family homes with master suites and rooftop decks in the inner city. I was very proud of that.

In what ways are you helping women to become educated about homeownership opportunities?

I’m helping women become educated in home ownership by actually educating them. We offer monthly classes that include credit dos and don’ts, budgeting to save, and the different loan programs that are available for their situation.

What community assistance programs do you offer for inner city families in need?

Throughout the year we giveaway numerous essentials to families in need. Those things include coats and hats, clothing and socks, food, books and book bags for back to school, turkeys for Thanksgiving, Toys for Christmas, just to name a few. I donate often to the Women’s Shelter in my community. Also, my husband and I donated a building to our community to be used as the community center in North Philadelphia.

What are some of the misconceptions you have helped women overcome when it comes to home ownership vs rental properties?

I help women overcome the misconceptions of owning a home versus renting by constantly providing them with information. Telling them straight up that no this isn’t right and here’s why. A lot of people think they can’t afford to own a home but 99% of the time the rent they are paying is higher than what their mortgage would be. I’ll keep providing this information as long as they show up to receive it.

Knowledge is power!

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