At a very early, Dashnay Johnson was taught that success is measured not by the position one holds in life, but by those obstacles that they have overcome.

Dashnay was raised with one older sister, and a younger brother and sister. Being the middle child who always found herself in some type of trouble as a teen made her question herself.

By age 14, Dashnay was already a runaway teen who had experience with sex, drugs, arrests, and rape.

By age 17 she was a mother and a battered young woman.

By 20, she was a mother of three and still had not freed herself from her very abusive children’s father. Life was hard for her and her boys. With very little money and no support she still always made a way. For many, this would have left them broken but when push comes to shoves when the rubber meets the road, and when the chips were down, what lies at the very core of her character was determination. Her determination led her to discover a new way. It was a pleasure speaking with this incredible business woman

Tell us a little about you?

My name is Dashnay Michell Johnson. I’m 32 years old. Born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. I’m married to my best friend and business partner, Barry Darnell Johnson. I’m the best mom in the world to our five boys (in their eyes). They are 15, 12, 11, 4, and 1. I’m a phenomenal cook, dancer and book worm. I enjoy philanthropy and spreading love. I take pride in my work. I love to travel but I’m mostly a homebody.

How many businesses do you have and what are they?

I currently have 3 businesses, VIP CREDIT REPAIR, where we help people with less than perfect credit. Most people come to us because they want to purchase a home, buy a new car, refinance a loan or establish business credit for funding and capital. I own VIP Consulting Agency LLC. We assist others with business plans, registering and establishing their business. Lastly, I own VIP CREDIT REPAIR ACADEMY, an online school to teach, certify and coach others want to become CREDIT REPAIR CONSULTANTS.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. As early as 15 years old, during my stay in a residential program for at-risk teens, I started a hair salon. In a facility with 70 boys and 35 girls, there was no one there to do hair. We were not allowed off campus unless your family picked you up. Most of these kids had no family. I met with the director and gave him a list of prices and hairstyles I could do. He agreed that I would be paid weekly. Every Friday I turned in my log of everyone’s hair I did, with the style and price and by Monday, my pay was in my account.

What has been your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur?

My biggest challenge I would have to say is separating my work from family time. I’m fully aware that things can change at any time and that fear makes me work around the clock. I don’t take the fact that my businesses are doing well for granted, I’m always working to improve my services and the process. This means that there are times I’m on family vacation and I’m on my laptop working. It can be a Sunday, and although it closed for business, I’m still working on the back end. Anyone who knows me knows my Sundays used to be reserved for family but that’s not so easy when you’re running a business

What would the Dashnay of today tell the 21-year-old Dashnay?

I would tell 21-year-old Dashnay to value herself more. No matter what you’ve been through you are ready. What others did to you didn’t devalue you. If I knew that I would have been the woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, businesswoman I am today, I would have not been so easy to allow people who didn’t deserve in my realm. I would have protected my peace and focused on my goals.

What exciting project are you working on?

Right now, I just completed my real estate course, and I’ll have to take my exam for licensing. So many of my current clients have become homeowners since using my services. The happiness and joy I felt for their accomplishment drove me to want to be apart of the process even more. Yes, I fox their credit to help them get approved, but I want to find their dream home. I’m truly at my best when I am of service to others.

What final words do you want to share?

I want to let others know that every single circumstance in our lives is apart of the plan. We are always exactly where we are supposed to be. So much has happened in my life and there were times I would think “Why me God?” But now I understand those events were necessary for my growth and my success. Life has truly humbled me and I’m grateful for the good, the bad and the ugly, I don’t regret anything.


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