I’m an old school girl living in a new school world. I like receiving flowers, little handwritten notes, having my doors opened, picnic dates at the park; you know things that don’t too much happen anymore. It saddens me to know that I may never find a man who believes in real courting and building relationships.

These days, men think that a simple “good morning” text is romantic. IT’S NOT! I actually hate “good morning” texts, or anything that lacks effort. Like, don’t try to feel me out via text because I will come off as the most uninterested person ever. Yes, I have my phone in my hand 24/7, but that’s because I’m addicted to Instagram. I may see the text and forget all about it. What I’ve been experiencing is that men will text for weeks and never ask me out on a date, or if they do ask me out on a date, it never happens because they base everything on how fast they get a text back or something. Whatever happened to phone calls? You want to get to know me, ask me out on a date, and by date I don’t mean “Netflix and Chill” (that’s the new wave, I’ll explain it in another article). Ask me out somewhere nice, there are over 400 restaurants in and around Atlanta that are not fast food or boutique burger places…PICK ONE! It can’t be that hard, and don’t come at me with that “it’s up to you” line. Be a man and plan something romantic that will make me think about you when I’m busy on a Wednesday at work.

Simply put, technology has made dating/courting even more lazy; just like everything else in the world. *Sigh

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