Loving your natural hair just got a whole lot easier. For all you curly-headed beauts, it’s so important to love your natural, textured hair. And guest what … it’s about to be faster and easier than ever before! What’s the secret to easy wash days and no hassle natural hair maintenance? Two words: THE MOST. The hair solution platform designs, “Tools tailored just for curls,” and features a blog and podcast, talking about everything from tools you didn’t know you needed, like left handed hairdressing scissors, to info on crowdfunding, and daily haircare. In this exclusive interview, the founder of THE MOST, Dawn Myers, discusses what inspired her to create a company that makes our lives easier, her vision for the future of natural hair, and why THE MOST is more than just a beauty company.

What inspired you to create THE MOST?

I’m an athlete and I love to travel and, before starting THE MOST, I had a very demanding corporate career. Just like millions of other black women, it was really difficult for me to fit my hair into my overwhelmingly hectic schedule. Our hair takes time and, without the right tools, it can be really difficult and complicated to care for. I created THE MOST to help Black Women be able to care for their natural hair while still building dynamic personal and professional lives. Our designs are created by a Black woman for Black women. Check them out at and sign up for exclusive access to videos, tutorials, and launch info! 

What’s the problem your company solves and why is it so important?

Ethnic hair is beautiful and we love it, but it requires intensive care and maintenance to flourish. Right now, we have awesome liquid product brands on the market, but few tools that focus on the biggest pain point in natural hair styling which is the process of detangling and applying products to our natural hair. Our company designs, engineers, and manufactures tools that are tailored to the needs of black women and our delicate texture.  We aim to be more than just a beauty company, we make black women’s lives easier and more seamless. We aim to eradicate all of the inefficiencies in natural haircare to make it faster and easier than ever. 

What’s the vision for your company in the future?

We aim to build out our offering to address all of the hidden pain points in the lives of women of color. We want to be the go-to manufacturing outfit for meeting the needs of black women that go unmet by major manufacturers. 

What can we expect to see from Dawn Myers in the future

As I build my company, I meet so many ambitious, smart, innovative Black Women who have a really difficult time getting even small amounts of funding for their startups. This lack of funding is a huge impediment to creating innovation for underserved communities. I plan to grow THE MOST and work with ecosystems like Black Girl Ventures and Startups Ignite to help educate and find up and coming founders building technology to move our communities forward. 

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All images by Bryan Francis | provided by MONTAGE PR