“My body doesn’t wake up motivated everyday, but my mind does. Train your mind and your body will follow !”

Being a mom and a entrepreneur can sometimes make my gym time short . So I love to do HIIT ( high intensity interval training) workouts at least 3-4 times out the week. HIIT is great way to burn fat when your short on time .If you would like to try my version of a Full Body HIIT routine . Here’s One , 4 Sets and 1 minute long Each :

Jumping Jacks


Jump Squats

Sit ups


Push ups

Jumping lunges

Mountain Climbers

My Favorite Meal would be anything involving salmon . Its very high in good fats and helps keep me lean while building muscle . I usually go for my favorite meal which would be Jerk Salmon , Wild rice and Spinach. I have a tutorial video of how I make it on my youtube channel.