“You can’t wish for what you want, you have to work for what you wish”

Resistant Band (with handle) Workouts

Squat /Curl combo

Stand with feet hip width apart on the resistant band palms facing forward. Squat and curl arms up. Release arms (uncurl) and stand tall at the same time. When you are doing your squat make sure your butt is pushed out, chest tall and shoulders back and square. The primary muscles used while doing a squat are your quadriceps and hamstrings but you get a bonus on those gluts (Booty). The biceps curls are working that large muscle if the front on your arms.


3-5 set

5-20 reps

Side Vertical raise/knee lifts combo

Stand with one foot on the resistance band the opposite leg back, with toe pointed. When you raise your arms to shoulder height bring your up pass your hip. Switch legs halfway. You are using your shoulder muscles as well as  trapezius when you are raising arms. When you are lifting the knee you are using your lower abs to pull that knee in.


3-5 set

5-20 reps



Meal: Couscous Kale Salad

1 medium size cut kale

1 cup  Cooked/drained couscous

1/2 diced red onion

1 diced cucumber

1 red bell pepper

1 diced tomato


Mix well

Olive oil

Lemon Juice

Salt/Pepper to taste

Add any protein you like