In an exclusive interview Dianna Williams of Bring It! discusses being more than just a coach in the studio, but being a lifelong mentor to the girls. Coach D doesn’t teach the girls just about dance, she also teaches them about the importance of a good education, persistence, and positive self-worth. “What many see on TV and what happens in real life is not the exact same. They don’t realize that I’m the girls lawyer, counselor, doctor, mom, I’m the protector of a lot when it comes to them,” she said. Coach D wants her girls to understand that life is going to be hard, but if they can push through and survive the challenges and tribulations in school, home, and with the Dancing Dolls, then they can do anything in the world!

When did you realize that dance was able to change your life and that you could actually use your skills and teach others so it could possibly change theirs?

When I got to Jackson State in 2011, I realized that there was a dance form that was larger than I was as a person. Once I realized I enjoyed being around smaller children, teaching them, and having an impact on them not only through dance, but in other ways, it let me know that it may be something that I needed to be doing full-time.

On the show many viewers often say Coach D is too hard on the Dolls, what is your opinion on that, did your dance instructors when you were a youth take a similar approach?

I don’t feel that because I coach girls or dancers that I should be any more lenient than any football or basketball coach, but some individuals are a little sexist because I’m a woman. Women already have a standard where we are supposed to be dainty and walk around and behave a certain way, well, I know a lot of women WNBA coaches that are just as aggressive as a male coach. I don’t feel like I should change up my style or give my girls any slack just because they are girls and I’m a woman.


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