The Season of Giving is officially here! The entire month of December, we will showcase industry influencers and their Beauty of Giving. Today, actress and singer, Deborah Joy Winans is our spotlight. There’s no secret Deborah Joy, comes from the legendary Winans family, but she has also made a mark in the entertainment industry since landing the role as Minister of Music on OWN’s hit series, Greenleaf. Sheen Magazine sat down Deborah Joy, to find out what is her beauty of giving.

What motivates you to give back?

Simply knowing that’s what the Lord would have for us to do. He hasn’t blessed my husband and I for ourselves. It’s for others too!!

What is your way of giving back during the holiday season or throughout the year? 

I just love finding ways to make people smile, especially during the holidays. And while gifts are part of little surprises here and there, I found out years ago that simply showing someone you thought of them does their heart so much good and literally costs you nothing. I love donating time to put together Thanksgiving dinners for families in need while also surprising my niece at school and taking her somewhere fun! 

What message do you hope to convey through your way of giving?

Hopefully people will see that life isn’t just about you. It’s about how WE can take care of each other and continue to move this country and world in the right direction. Gods blessings in your life are never just for you. 

Why is it important to use your platform to impact the lives of others in a positive manner?

I’m sure there are young ladies out there who feel the way I felt when I knew what I wanted to do in life, but didn’t quite have any people to look up to because we weren’t really represented in tv and film. So now I’m determined to be that for young women coming up behind me. I want to show them that you don’t have to allow anyone to treat you any sort of way to make it. You don’t have to sleep your way to the top. You have to trust that who God made you to be is enough and no one can close the doors to where He wants to take you! NO ONE! 

Thank you, Deborah Joy Winans. SHEEN salutes you today for your efforts & continuously giving! Be sure to check us out each weekday, at 10am to see more of our influencer spotlights.