Dee Thompson is a woman devoted to her husband and family, who is fueled by purpose and loves God and people with her whole heart. She loves to laugh, smile, and shine a positive light in a world that can oftentimes feel dark.

She is an author, life coach, motivational speaker, minister, and a Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient. Dee has reached a new level again with her highly anticipated book, Purpose Never Dies! Let’s listen in on the jewels that she drops.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

I wanted the freedom to pursue my purpose and follow my dreams on my own terms.    

What has been your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur?

One of the greatest challenges as an entrepreneur is staying true to yourself and your own needs while serving others. Your finances will be inconsistent as opposed to working a 9-5 job. If your survival depends upon a consistent income, begin your journey while you are employed as a safety net and slowly transition. Don’t just quit your job if you’re unable to pay yourself and your bills. Many people do this because they’ve heard another do it, then they’re unable to provide health and life insurance without being underneath an employer’s group plan, or they’re unable to pay for their child’s education, and by the bare necessities. Decide what you’re willing to sacrifice because you will sacrifice something. The worse thing to see is a struggling entrepreneur broke, busted, and disgusted, willing to beg to borrow or steal because they’re too prideful to work a job to help make ends meet until they are in the black. That is called foolish pride.

Tell us something no one knows you like?

I love to roller-skate. I remember just after the movie “Roll Bounce” was released, it brought back such fond memories of me skating as a young adult at Screaming Wheels Roller Rink in my hometown of Gary, IN. I talked about how the star Bow Wow and the character Sweetness had some of the same really cool moves. My husband & I took the kids roller-skating here in Florida. I had on all white blouse and white jeans and plenty of confidence, designer glasses on my head. As I turned smoothly around the curve, I began to show the kids how to do the crazy legs on my 4-wheel skates. They were so excited saying, “go, mom, go, mom, it’s your birthday, oh yeah!” As I was showing off my 1980’s moves, I accidentally tripped myself and fell for the first time since I had learned to skate. This fall happened in front of all the kids and all of the adults that I was entertaining. My kids laughed hysterically. I gave up roller-skating (publicly) that day.    

What advise do you have for wives that want to become an entrepreneur?

After being married for 30 years, I would like to say that there is power in agreement. Both Marriage and Entrepreneurship are hard work. Agree upon the family priorities before venturing into entrepreneurship, and never violate them. Many marriages end in divorce because someone broke an agreement whether big or small. If your dreams or business pursuits are more important than your spouse, you will find yourself choosing one over the other in the very near future. Talk it out, then walk it out.

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