Deli Rowe is an indie soul and R&B singer/ songwriter out of Richmond, Virginia. With a sultry voice that draws you in with its sweet caress of soul, she has been building a loyal following in Richmond and beyond, starting with the release of her self-produced debut EP, Growing Pains, in 2010. She is an outspoken advocate for self-empowerment and is driven ever forward by the response she receives from her adoring audience. She has performed in 50 cities across the United States as well as in the United Kingdom, and performs actively in and around Richmond, gaining new fans every time she plays. Connect with Deli through her social channels to stay up to date on new music, live shows and everything good in her world.


When did you know music was going to be your career?

It honestly took me some time, I was always been singing and like a lot of us, I started singing in the church, but then you decide if that’s going to be something or if what’s mom and dad are making you do because you’re going to church. I starting attending a performing arts high school and that helped me to begin writing, as well as learning production and find my own voice. When I went to college, I put my own music on hold so I could figure out hat I wanted to do, sound I wanted to go and which direction. I would say that I really became serious about my career, 2 to 4 years ago. I released my single, “Losing Ground” and saw the reaction and interest of people around me, I knew then that this was something that I could do.

Your new EP titled “Smile Again“, What motived you to name it that?

When I released my last EP, last year in 2015 it was almost like an experiment. I wasn’t sure it or how it was going to work as far as me being in a new genre and it was received very well, and I was happy about that. But, also felt like I could have done more, or to just push my art to be greater and I kind of went through, I wouldn’t call it a depression, but I just went through a discouragement phase. I was thinking that I didn’t want to do it anymore, because it’s not reaching like I want it to. I think at times we move faster then we should and sometimes patiences is the name of the game. Some kind of why, I decided to start a journal, and I would write my emotions everyweek, when I begin to do that it helped me to releases all the discouragement and the sadness I was feelings and that’s how, “Smile Again” came about. I want to encourage myself no matter what I was going through, that’s how, “Smile Again” came about.

Do you have any tours that are coming up?

I will be in Atlanta on the 12th of November at Vynil. I will also be in DC in December and starting next year, I will be in LA in March and the UK in June. I also have a couple other dates in between that haven’t been 100% confirmed yet, but you can always find it on my website at, definitely keep an eye out for those.

What advice would you give to others interested in the music? 

I would say that anyone that is interested in getting into the music industry or any type of creative career path, take enough time to decide and plan if this is something that you really want to do because you’ve got to be focused and give it 100%. You can’t half it at all!


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