Demi Austin Thomas is on a mission to help parents navigate through some of the challenges of raising children. Her expertise and authenticity come from a place of once being a teen who had issues with her own identity, self-worth, rejection, and placement in life. Demi took the time to speak with Sheen about her decision to become a parent coach, and more!

What made you decide to become a parent coach? 

I grew up with two great amazing human beings, mamma and daddy, my parents. 

Growing up with both my mom and dad, I was the oldest child, a latch key kid, and I had a lot of responsibility. My parents didn’t know that I tried to commit suicide and I was being bullied. 

I started life coaching because I knew that I had a calling to help women. It was easier to connect with them regarding their pain because that was my story. Most of the women that I was working with were mothers and  I wanted to make sure that women knew the intention of their presence in their child’s life. 

Why do they call you the Tween Queen? 

When I first started, I wanted to focus on teenagers, but I had more parents that were in between those stages of being a teenager. I help so many families with connecting with their kids in that age range. The tween’s voice is the most impressionable, but they are often forgotten. It’s for me to highlight, empower the voices of these tweens and also to help them understand who they are, their individuality, and their identity. 

What advice do you have for mom entrepreneurs? 

First, be very clear on your plan. Although you have this great idea that you want to implement. You have to think about how is this great idea going to impact your family. Also, be intentional about balance. What happens We have these amazing women who are fire, who are moving into the space of their dreams and their families and children left as innocent bystanders to a purpose or destiny, that no one prepared them for.

Second, be relentless because roadblocks are going to come. You’re going to find hiccups in any business. So keep going. 

Do not be a victim of the spirit of comparison. Your dream isn’t going to look like everyone else’s dream. You have to be clear on the idea that was given to you. You have to understand what’s for you is for you. 

Third, Don’t underestimate how powerful and influential you really are… We all have a story. Some of us have stories of guilt, shame or defeat. What people really want in this life is what’s real. They want authenticity, an organic story, and transparency. 

Also, finding your tribe. As women, we need a tribe and sometimes our tribe doesn’t look like you.  It’s not always your friends or family. It’s people who authentically support you and won’t allow you to give up on yourself. Especially as girl bosses or mom bosses, it’s important to have a support system of women who can encourage us along the way. 

What can we expect from you in the future? 

I have a journal book called Spark Up. It’s the perfect life planner and dream journal. We are also launching our dream party for moms. It will kick off in August. We also are starting a popup tour and the kick-off will be in Los Angeles and going to Atlanta and New York. I also have an event called the iLive Women’s and Girl’s Wellness and Lifestyle Expo. It’s a huge event that brings about 5,000 women together under one roof in Arlington, Texas. It’s all about transforming lives while promoting healthy lifestyles and wellbeing. 

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Featured Image by Laveta Beavers/ LRochelle Photography