In case you missed it, more than 3.3 million people were said to have marched this last weekend in over 500 US cities in honor of the Women’s Marches. And, mind you, that’s not even including the number of people who marched internationally, like in Mexico, London, Sydney, Kenya, New Zealand, and dozens and dozens of other countries, all in support of female empowerment, equality, and strength.

But in case you didn’t get the chance to march, or if you did march and are now looking for more ways to help start with your beauty routine.

We rounded up seven amazing beauty brands and products that give back to women in the coolest of ways, like donating part of their proceeds to Planned Parenthood, or by empowering girls to enter the computer-science field. Each of these brands is giving back and boosting women in some awesome way, so read on to start helping today—trust us when we say every little bit counts.

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