Just recently, we got to know just who this rising online influencer is and we are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to dig in deep with us! In this exclusive interview with CindyrellaOG, we got to know her overall mission through YouTube, the things she struggles with as an influencer, and her must-have beauty products! You don’t want to miss this!

Tell us about yourself. What inspired the creation of your YouTube channel?

I had just recently moved back home and transferred to the University of Texas at Dallas and that first year I did not make many friends. I spent a lot of time with my mom working at her newly opened optometry practice. I filmed a lot of the shenanigans my mom and I got into on my Snapchat and someone suggested that I should make a YouTube channel because of my bright personality and from that moment on, YouTube has been my safe space and my area to just create and express myself.

What is the overall mission you want to achieve through your channel?

I always tell others that my purpose in this world is to help others and that’s through any endeavor that I am involved in. The overall mission I want to achieve through my channel is to reach someone in any way whether it be through delivering a message about mental health or simply putting a smile on their face and I feel like that is what I have been doing.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day. Do you mind sharing your holy grail beauty product?

I am ALL about skincare. I am obsessed with making sure I look as good as I do with makeup, without it. For that, I use a lot of natural products on my face but I think my favorite product to use is the sweet tea and lemon peel off clay mask from Freeman. It leaves my face radiant and gets pulls off all of those impurities.

How has it been being an online influencer all while staying consistent with your channel?

Honestly, it’s been extremely tough but rewarding. It’s even tougher now because I am applying to optometry school to become an eye doctor and I have been trying to make sure to be consistent but also keep my priorities in order. Although, I am motivated every time I see someone say that I have made their day or I put a smile on their face every time I upload a video.

Is there anything that you struggle with while being an influencer? What is your most favorite thing about sharing your life on the Internet?

I probably struggle with thinking of fresh, new content and staying consistent throughout school. You can get so caught up in social media and it can really damage what you may have going on in the real world. It is really tough to balance at times.

My most favorite thing about sharing my life on the Internet would have to be seeing how it can inspire or help someone in need because that is essentially why I started my channel. I wanted to share all of the positivity I had going on in my life to my gems because I had so much to share and it paid off in the end.

What can we expect to see from CindyrellaOG in the future?

Definitely a lot more discussion panels, natural hair videos, and God-willing, I receive acceptance into optometry school (pray for me!), I will definitely be making


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