Kenya Moore finds her happy ending with her husband and miracle baby.

Life is certainly “twirling on” for Mrs. Kenya Moore Daly! Yes, Madame Twirl has spun her way into a beautiful marriage with Mac Daly, and birthed their beautiful baby girl, Brooklyn. Kenya has certainly turned her dreams into reality, and she’s not playing any games when it comes to raising her baby girl. I had the pleasure of chatting it up with the reality star favorite about her entry into motherhood.

It takes a village to raise a child. So, what does Brooklyn’s village look like?

My grandmother’s daughter and I were raised in the same house. She is literally nine months younger than me, and I call her my sister. She lives in Detroit, but I lean on her guidance. She is definitely number one in the village. Of course, there’s my Dad, and I have my aunt Lori, who I get advice from, and my best friends, who are all mothers. Kandi gave me some great tips on breastfeeding because she just had Ace and he is still very young. [During pregnancy] I went through a depression. There I was, with everything I ever wanted, but I was depressed. So I asked about it, and everyone let me know it was normal and can happen before, during, or after pregnancy, which helped me understand it.


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