Out of a deep necessity and the desire to have an all-natural skin care product, Dionne Reddick, Owner of Body Essence by Dionne,  created a body butter for herself. One day she decided to share this product with family and because of the great feedback about how remarkable they thought her body butter was, her brother posted the finished product on social media. From that one posts orders for this amazing project started pouring in.  Because  business was not her background, during the first few years of launching her business,  she realized it was more of an expensive hobby, than that of a business.  Having the determination to succeed at something she absolutely loved doing,  and having a product that others loved as well, in Q4 of 2017 she hired a business coach. And things have been looking up every since. We had an opportunity to get to know this powerhouse a little bit further

Who is Dionne at her core?

I am a family oriented person, raised in faith, and grounded by education. I was taught at an early age that I can do whatever I put my mind AND efforts into! It can be achieved with hard work!

Sheen: You seem to be so passionate about helping others. Why is that? 

I am passionate about helping others because I have always had a great support system that has helped me, as well as the fact that I have had others help me as well.  Without that help I would not be here, and now I need to give back.

What would the 21-year-old Dionne  tell the Dionne of today? 

21-year-old Dionne would say to current Dionne , enjoy life and have fun. Stop being an introverted extrovert, and learn to not judge everyone based on what one or two individuals have done.

Tell  us about your business.

I hand make skincare products including but not limited to body butter, sugar scrubs, soaps and more.  My skincare products help to heal, repair and prevent skin issues from acne, eczema, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation and so much more.

What’s next for Dionne personally? 

What’s next for me personally is moving to Atlanta, getting married and living life with freedom and happiness.

What advice would you give to that person who’s business is no doing so great and wants to give up?

Never give up, just regroup and revamp the process and procedures of the business. 

Define success. 


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All photos by Pennington Photography