In the beauty world way of life, trends come and go. Some we loved, and others we’ve definitely questioned (*stares at squiggly eyebrows*). Currently, there’s a ‘supposed’ trend happening, which most beauty brands haven’t quite caught up to. The trend in question? Inclusivity. First, let me just say that this shouldn’t be a trend but the norm! Come on people. Anyways, if you’re into makeup and have melanin, then you’ve probably run into this major issue. You can’t quite find your skin’s shade because the brand’s mentality is that darker skin tones are a ‘one size fits all,’ and that they’ve nailed the whole “diversity” thing by having 12 lighter shade and maybe two or three darker ones.

Granted, not all have fallen victim to this pattern. Yes, there are brands which realized they were missing something essential and stepped up to the plate by widening their range of shades and therefore allowing people – of all walks of life to feel beautiful and, maybe even more importantly, included.

Here are five game changer brands, providing diversity in their makeup.


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Featured Image: Fenty Beauty