One of the most powerful lessons that I have learned throughout my
life is that loving myself is the very key to my happiness and emotional well-being.

Tamiko Lowry-Pugh, “The Empowering Diva,” has been deemed the voice for women’s empowerment. As a domestic violence survivor, Tamiko has not only supported and encouraged victims but also made it clear she is there every step of the way! Ms. Lowry-Pugh shares the inspiration behind her empowerment below!

What inspired your open letter to domestic violence victims?

I was inspired to write an open letter to domestic violence victims for a few reasons.

  1. My main goal is to make sure that domestic violence victims know that they have someone out there rooting for them and supporting them in their efforts to become a survivor. So often, victims are judged and ridiculed for staying with abusers and even blamed for the abuse.
  2. I wanted to take a moment to educate the public on what goes in the mind of a victim, why they feel trapped, and why they stay.
  3. As a former abuse victim now living as a survivor, it’s my responsibility to breathe, hope into those who are going through what I survived. When a victim sees that there is life after abuse, it gives them the courage and strength to leave.


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