Cherish popped on the scene back in 2006 with their hit song “Do it to it” and “Unappreciated” and then we never heard from them again…until now! If you’re an avid social media junkie like myself, you have seen that not only are the ladies back with new music, but it’s only two instead of four group members. I caught up with the two current members of the group, twin sisters Fallon and Felisha King, to find out what they’ve been cooking up while they’ve been “off the scene.”

In the eyes of your fans it seemed as though you ladies just disappeared, what happened?

Felisha: That answer is simple, I’m not sure if everyone knew that we are all sisters. The last album we put out was The Truth under Capitol Records. Farrah has two boys and got married 5 years ago. Neosha recently had a baby about 5 months ago. Fallon and I never really stopped. We’re writers, we’ve written records for Tamar (Braxton), Sevyn (Streeter), Jacob Lattimore and several others so for the past eight years, that’s what we’ve been doing. We just haven’t released an album together yet which is what you guys are getting now.

Fallon added that there has never been any strife or anything crazy between them, they all celebrate birthdays and holidays together like one big happy family.

Why didn’t the two of you continue to put out your own music instead of writing for other people?

Fallon: About a year or two, after we left Capitol Records, we went with what we thought we wanted to go in our careers. So we started doing more of what we love. We wrote both of our albums. We’ve been writing since we were 10 years old; singing and songwriting for our own album and for others as well. We decided to take that route and go on hiatus for a about year and a half and write music for other people and perfect our craft.

Felisha: As well as us not wanting to sign to any major labels. Fallon and I decided we wanted to produce our album independently. As you know, during that time the music industry changed dramatically. So we had to change with the times. So for us, it was about doing it the right way versus just doing it any way.

Why did you decide to come out with an album now?

 Fallon: We felt it was the right time. As we said, we’ve been focusing on our writing and writing for other people. It’s been so many people around us and so many people that we respect and who respect us and they were all just like “y’all need to just go ahead and put out y’all album.” Being that we didn’t want to go to a major label, it was very important to us to keep what we want as far as structure and how we want to release our music.

Let’s talk about the album.

Fallon: We have our own record label called Free The Lyrics. We decided to name the album that as well, being that it’s our first one, we wanted to collaborate the two. We announced everything on and from there our Instagram and Facebook fan page.

Two singles were released: “One Time” and “Self Destruction.” Why did you choose to put those out first and how many songs will be on the album?

Felisha: We’re going to do a wave of four EPs so we’re going to do one basically every season. Five songs on each EP.

Felisha: Spring, summer, fall, winter. Maybe not in that order, but we’re going to release all of them before the end of the year.

Wow, you must have a lot of music.

Both: We do (laughs).

Felisha: We write separately and together. Usually we go with what we love to hear and what we think other people.

Photo by Darnell Wilburn

The ladies said that they are working on signing a few artists to their label. They can’t say any names at the moment, but we should prepare to be surprised. Fallon and Felisha are taking advantage of being independent by putting out their music in a way that is nontraditional. They are releasing new songs every other Friday via social media outlets and their website.

Who would you like to collaborate with that you haven’t already?  

Fallon: I would love to collaborate with Chance The Rapper, he’s pretty dope.

Felisha: I would want to work with Sia. She would be amazing to work with. Some producers like Max Martin and Timothy and Theron Thomas.

What are some things that inspire you the most?

Fallon: I think one thing is from each other because we write separately. I wouldn’t say that we’re in competition with each other, but more of a motivation.

(Felisha interjects) It’s a bit of a healthy competition.

Fallon: It is a healthy competition, because I would be like ‘damn Felisha that song is dope, I gotta do better.’ She [Felisha] did that to me once where I wrote a song and she went and wrote a song that was better and I was like ‘ok, I hope I inspired you to write that’ and she was like ‘you did!’ So I knew I had to step up my game.

Felisha: I also find inspiration traveling and kind of somewhat in solace when I’m alone, I get some of my deep ideas.

Fallon: Also, I find a lot of inspiration in depression and going through different issues.

Felisha: The industry is so unforgiving, we have to find some sort of peace within that and bring it out through our music and think that’s what we’ve accomplished so far through our music.

Why did you decide to keep the name as Cherish?

 We felt like the only time people changed the name of the group was if they felt they represented something else. We are all sisters, we represent Cherish on behalf of our sisters as well.

Check out their website and keep up with them on social media: @officialcherish

The ladies go live every Wednesday, they sing some of their own music and also do covers of other artists.

 Featured Photo by Mathias Sorum