Who would have guessed it? The modest ponytail remains as the go-to chic and trendy look for the summer. Yes, it’s true, even though most of us grew up using this style as a “last resort”; it has managed to make its way to red carpets and runways for its clean and effortless look.

You can take this classic style to the next level, by adding unique parting techniques, undercuts, and cornrows. However, as a 4c natural girl with thick and kinky hair, I’ve learned that a “simple ponytail” is much easier said than done.

Natural hair isn’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes…ok most times, we need those extra few minutes with the scarf on to get our hair laid. Here at Sheen, we heard your call, and here are a few tips to get you to your slick chic look this summer!


Calling all natural 4c girls

We have the toughest time laying our hair down! Our voluminous, and sometimes coarse hair can be resistant, and prevent us from securing a slicked ponytail. Try using a styling gel like, Eco Styler to get your hair laid properly. Products like Eco Styler gel can give your hair a beautiful natural shine, and hold without product build up and flaking. Once the gel is distributed properly, and fully dried, this styling aid is sure to “lay your edges.”


Let your hair dry

Slip Silk Pillowcase – Sephora, $79.99

Most times during our hair preparation, we rush the process by taking shortcuts to get it over with, but a well seasoned natural knows the importance of letting hair fully dry. Much like a twist out, after preparing and setting your ponytail, give it the proper time to dry. If you cannot get your hands on a dryer, try tying your hair down with a scarf. Every person’s drying time will be different, as it depends on the density of the hair. Satin and silk bonnets, scarves, and pillowcase are popular overnight dry buys that are sure to protect your style even in your sleep.


1-2-3 GO Ponytail

Hair is beautiful at every length, and ponytails should never be discriminated against! However, if one day you wake up, and decide you want a long braided ponytail like Queen Bey, its all good! Companies like Shake-N-Go, and FreeTress have developed drawstring ponytails for the girl on the go. In minutes you can transform your look with the ponytail texture of your choice!