Do you feel your diet is affecting not only your body weight but your mood swings, and overall health? Dr. Bobby price is a plant-based pharmacist, nutritionist, author who specializes in eating and dieting better to avoid using or overusing medication. Dr. Price educates the community on eating clean and not depending solely on medication. Dr. Price is bringing his 1st annual plant-based healing summit to Atlanta this weekend! “The State of Black Health in America,” the plant-based healing summit will raise awareness in the community about the major causes of illness and death, identify the major contributing factors, and give the audience the tools to make the dramatic shifts in their long term health and longevity. The event will address subjects such as mental health, poor dieting, food deserts, and inheriting poor eating habits.

Dr. Bobby Price is the author of an eye-opening book, “Vegucation Over Medication” –Myths lies and truths about modern food and medicine. Check out his book and much more this weekend, November 16th, 2019 during the summit! The focus topic this year will be “The State of Black Health In America.” Dr. Price believes “while we often focus on heredity as the key to illness what is often overlooked is our diet, lifestyle and generational eating habits that contribute to the diseases that get passed down.” The summit will include a discussion panel with a dynamic list of health-conscious speakers. The panel discussion will include topics such as the impact of mental health, kidney disease and dialysis clinics, sugar addiction/diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease, hereditary vs. habits, plant-based dieting, plus more! The summit will also have some of Atlanta’s Finest Plant-Based restaurants, organic products, and services available as vendors.  Dr. Bobby Price is available to discuss all things health. Please contact Abesi Manyando at Abesi PR/7th and Lotus Media for more information you can visit Dr. Price on his website.

EVENT: The State of Black Health in America

Hosted by Dr. Bobby Price, Atlanta’s 1st Annual Plant-Based Healing Summit will focus on reversing and preventing illnesses impacting the culture.

WHEN: November 16, 2019

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All images provided by Dr. Bobby Price