Dr. Crystal Jones has impacted the lives of many in ways she may not even know she has. She is a helping hand to others and guides people though a sacred process of healing. Dr. Crystal Jones is admired for her passionate drive to help others in numerous ways. Many know her as the “modern-day medicine woman” and to be honest, we cannot help but be in awe of this strong woman. Get to know this spiritual and physiological leader in this exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine.

Why do you feel that sharing and circulating mental health resources is so important? 

Being aware of options gives life to thoughts, traumas and toxins that are unfortunately hidden. Having a variety of resources ranging from allopathic to vitalistic allows for people to open the door that makes most sense to them. Those who offer practices that integrate mind, body, soul and spirit in a sacred dance are especially close to my heart because they awaken the power in embracing mental health expressions.

What would you suggest for someone if they wanted to learn how to meditate? 

Practice creates the practice. With meditation, it’s all about allowing rather than forcing. Typically, just sitting for 15 seconds will create a habit of allowing thoughts to flow. Start with a practice that is sustainable. Just breathe. Bring the focus on breathing more than quieting the mind. Allow yourself to figure it out along the way. Some people will do better with going to a class rather than sitting at home, while others will want to begin practicing while at work.

Why do you feel self-care is an important factor we all need to embrace?

In order to be able to pour into others, your cup must be full. You have to pour from overflow rather than the reserves. Self-care is the practice of maintaining that full cup and creating the boundaries (not walls) needed to honor that space. 

Why have you made it your personal mission to guide others through a sacred process of healing? 

For many years, women have given their power up too easily — even to me. I realized that there was a lack in the awareness of who the true healer was. Women have been taught since birth that the supreme answer is outside of her powerful intuition. My reason for existence is to bring the woman back to that awareness. In this place, she takes responsibility for her powerful presence and accepts her wholeness. I knew that, as a doctor, I was called to elevate the paradigm of healing. 

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