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If you’re in a relationship, are there ways you can help increase your partner’s faith?

Your responsibility as a partner is to be consistent in your behaviors and your words. This is the only way that a person truly learns to build, maintain and even rebuild trust within the relationship. This is the same recipe whether you have caused an issue in the relationship or whether that person has still yet to heal from past hurts. Ultimately, the responsibility to have faith lies within the person who is lacking that faith. Ie: questioning or having doubts. It doesn’t I matter how many times you apologize it does not matter how many times you tell your mate that you love them and care about them, they have to want to heal past their hurt. They have to want to receive what you are giving and then reciprocate that by also showing love and understanding. That’s the purpose of forgiveness. So it really is a 2-way street in maintaining and keeping the faith in the relationship.

Are there ways to revamp a relationship that may have lost it’s “magic”?

Yes! You can always add a little Cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes to of South. Gives it the extra kick! Indeed, relationships can kind of grow stagnant in the physical department, but communication is the key element that needs to happen in order for that sexual chemistry to reconnect. Often times people lose that spark due to having kids, because that becomes their primary focus, or due to career because that becomes the primary distraction. Both of you have to put in effort to refocus on one another. Date each other again, woo each other again, do all the trickery that you did when you first met. Maintenance is key to keeping your car running and it is also essential to keeping your relationship and romance strong. Once you guys have reconnected then you can start exploring different options such as video, attire or even “additional” items. Start with a mutual massage or even having a picnic in your living room; feed each other. All of these activities build connections and build intimacy that will lead to a healthy and happy sexual connection.

When dealing with your partner having friends of the opposite sex, is it okay to set boundaries?

This is a question that I get often. I do believe that Heterosexual couples can have friends of the opposite sex. What matters is how that friend is introduced to your mate and vice versa.  Both my husband and I have very close friends of the opposite sex. When we began dating we made sure to introduce each other to those friends and to even have a few get-togethers including those friends. This allowed each other to feel more comfortable with the relationship and remove any questions or insecurities that may have existed. As the years have passed, both myself and my husband have met new friends and have also made sure to introduce those individuals to each other as well. It’s really all about openness and transparency. Now as far as boundaries are concerned, that would depend on how accepting you both are about the opposite sex friendship. For example, I have lunch or dinner from time to time with my male friends. My husband is always invited and sometimes he comes and sometimes he stays home.  That’s the level of comfort that we have. However, what would be an issue for both of us would be if our focus became more tuned into our friendships instead of our relationship. If we confide more in a friend, then we do each other. If this is the case, then there’s an issue of a stronger emotional connection with someone else and that is definitely a boundary violation as well as an open door for possible unsavory behaviors. Now, if your mate has a friend that they are not open to you about or you have not met, then that is an issue that needs to be addressed. There should be no secret friends or hidden relationships within your relationship.