It’s obvious family medicine physician, Dr. Elizabeth Mizelle is on her way to improve health in our everyday lives! Let me explain, not only is she passionate about plant-based diets and home detoxing but she’s also wanting to let you know that you shouldn’t forget about the basics of nutrition when it comes to all things wellness. We caught up with the educated doctor to discuss her passion to help others and how she plans on discussing it on a larger scale.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a family medicine physician and I’m originally from New York City. I’m currently living in Houston, Texas where I practice as an independent contracting physician.

What made you want to get into family medicine?

That’s a great question (laughs). I originally wanted to be a surgeon, ever since I was five-years-old. Med school was not easy, to say the least. I just didn’t know if I still had the passion for it by the time I got to residency after learning so much about medicine in general. I thought that family medicine was a good match for me and that you can do a lot in family medicine. You can still do procedures and use your hands, you can talk to your patients and develop long-lasting relationships, dermatology, psychiatry, women’s health, there is just so much in family medicine that fit for my multi-passionate mind.

I became interested in lifestyle medicine when i sought out ways to help my patients get better without giving them more pills.  Lifestyle medicine made me excited to practice medicine again when feelings of burnout crept in.  It focuses on non-medical modalities in life to affect health in a positive way including sleep, diet, exercise, and avoiding toxic habits like smoking. 

Where did “Red Lips White Coat” come from?

Red Lips White Coat is the name of my blog that I created in 2015. I kind of noticed that I was pressured to have a certain persona as a doctor. I don’t want to say an alter ego, but there is another side of me. A creative, fun, sassy side! I didn’t want to have to separate that from my professional, conservative doctor side because I am one person and I bring my fun, passionate, sassy side to my practice of medicine. I wanted to share with people that it’s okay to be both! I created a blog just for my own creative expression.

Red Lips White Coat: red lips stands for boldness, femininity, and style.  white coat represents being a doctor, a professional. I chose Red Lips White Coat for my blog to express that I am both.

Why are you so passionate and interested in plant-based diets, personal styling, and home detoxing?

I actually make it a personal practice to focus on plant-based diets. I noticed that it worked in my own life and health. It also works on my patients’ lives to help reverse their chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Along with that change, you have to go into the home. You have to detox the home, you have to make it conducive for major lifestyle changes otherwise just starting a new diet is not going to work.

I am passionate about personal styling because I understand the importance of self-esteem and the value in creating a positive personal image.  Being from New York, I had the opportunity to voyeur and experiment amongst the most stylish people of the times whether on the subway, at work, or at events.  I learned that the way we style ourselves can do wonders for our self-confidence, which is the key to self-care and wellness.  We cannot make total body health a priority if we do not see the value in ourselves first.  

What advice can you offer our readers in terms of your “new-fashioned old medicine” approach?

I would love for people to understand that just because with modern times you have a lot of convenience and access to so many cutting edge technologies, you still have to remember the basics, where we come from. Sometimes, that’s the best solution to things. Although I’m young, I know a lot of new technology and modern medicine; I always try to bring it back to, ‘what are humans supposed to eat?’ That has everything to do with a plant-based diet! Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, you can never go wrong there. It’s’ going to bring health until the end of time because that’s what we were created to consume. That’s what I mean by practicing old medicine in new fashion.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

In the future, I would love to share my message on a broader scale than on a one-to-one patient to physician basis. I think that the knowledge I have makes such a great change in my patients’ lives that I would like to share my message on a larger scale. Maybe at conferences, workshops, or perhaps offer courses on my blog!

You can also expect to see my lifestyle medicine consulting agency.  I focus of teaching motivated individuals to achieve their health goals with practical tools including whole-food plant-based nutrition education, kitchen/pantry/home detox, and wellness event planning.  I would love to be invited on the Essence Fest Wellness House next year to share my passions. 


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