Have you had the chance to catch up with the I AM THAT WOMAN tour by Dr. Jeri B. Shannon? — They have been traveling with a team of women who have not had perfect journeys but have also not given up or given in! Dr. Shannon’s movement is a force to be reckoned with, as it highlights the importance of our relationships with God as women, bosses, and people in general in society.

She delivers a full day of empowerment & motivation at her events, always beginning with praise & worship for the most high! – Dr. Jerri B. Shannon is dedicated to her mission of serving women across the world with true testimonies of women who understand the meaning of sewing seeds and reaping, even throughout and after the storm.

I AM THAT WOMAN started in Los Angeles, at top of the calendar in January this year, featuring celebrity guest speaker Meagan Good; followed by their most recent stop in Atlanta, GA this month with Terri Vaughn. — Of course, we had the pleasure of attending, where we got the chance to pray together, celebrate womanhood, and be encouraged by other women who shared similar challenges and success stories!

Dr. Jeri B Shannon is no novice at this, as she has been ministering and paying it forward for years, in addition to publishing her book last year: “Me Love You: The True Love Story Only God Can Give”. — The I AM THAT WOMAN TOUR is set up to serve and create an experience for women who can always use extra guidance, inspiration and support to push through. The event offers a full, buffet brunch, a unique shopping experience with local, female-owned business and entrepreneurs, as well as testimonials, group prayer, panel discussions and opportunities for next level networking with some of our most admired public figures. — Next stop, New York in July!


All images by Antonio Brown