Dr. Joe Johnson understands the meaning of struggle but has lived with a mentality instilled in him by his mother, “I can do and be anything I want in life.”

Growing up in the inner-city of Milwaukee allowed Johnson to almost fall victim to what many young males were doing in his neighborhood. Sports was his key out of a city where many black and Hispanic males were often victims of gang violence and self-destruction. After becoming a high school standout football and basketball player, his education finally caught up with him when Division 1 colleges passed on him after discovering his grade point average and his score of 13 on the ACT (standardized test). After taking the long route by attending community college then enrolling in a university, he understood education and its affect, but he continued his mediocre classroom habits with hopes of playing professional football. Although the opportunity to play professional football was closed, his dream faded away and Johnson was stuck graduating with his 2.4 college grade point average and no plans for his future.

Johnson soon learned the power of competing in the classroom, the same way he competed in sports. With his new found attitude and focus, he began to excel academically after being accepted into a Master’s program. Johnson soon found his love for learning and realized his purpose was transforming the lives of individuals and the culture of organizations; allowing through speaking, training, and peak performance coaching.

Johnson has over 20 years of experience working with individuals and organizations and works hard with a strong passion for helping individuals advance in life.

Dr. Joe works with individuals who are ready to begin to live in their PURPOSE. This includes professionals, specifically professional women 25-45 years of age, that are working in careers but know they should be doing something different, individuals that are interested in being entrepreneurs, and individuals that have special skills and are trying to figure out how to monetize their skills.

How often are we spending years chasing after a dream that may not be our true purpose? Dedicating countless hours on a job that we absolutely hate. Many can relate to being asked as children, what they desired to be when they grew up, but how many actually walked into that destination successfully? Was it really our true purpose? Dr. Joe Johnson is helping individuals to dig deep and discover what it is they were destined to do so they can be successful in life.

Johnson teaches individuals to “Pursue Your Purpose, Not Your Dreams,” dreams allow us to create possibilities in our minds that may or may not come true. Purpose allows life to create what’s destined to come true.

Sometimes you may dream of being in a certain career field, and so you go to college to obtain all the skills for that position, yet later discover it’s not what you were truly called to do in life. It’s just a job to pay the bills for the time being. Yet when you work in a field that allows you to operate in your purpose, that thing that you love, then the mood is different. Doors open up more easily and advancement is easier because you are doing something that you could practically do in your sleep. How many of us are working in career fields that we truly love? How many have that feeling when they show up at work daily that they are doing what they have been called to do in life?

Dr. Joe Johnson also shares information for entrepreneurs seeking to make that transition in life into their purpose. We know that taking that step of faith is often very scary. He stated, “Often individuals struggle with a variety of issues as they begin to make these adjustments.”

Our sole desire in life is to discover our true purpose so that we can live a peaceful and joyous life. If you feel that you are struggling with tapping into the very thing you were born to do in this life, then you should definitely consider connecting with Dr. Joe Johnson to discover some helpful ways to transition out of the thing that is holding you back from being the amazing person you were called to be.

Discover your true purpose and start living for that purpose today!

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