Go find yourself a life changing therapist!

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a licensed psychologist known for her weekly podcast Therapy for Black Girls. In her interview with SHEEN, she discusses the importance of how black women should prioritize their mental health.

Therapy for Black Girls

It started as a blog in 2014 after I watched the Black Girls Rock! awards show on BET. I wanted to create something that captured the same energy for black women but in relation to mental health. I started blogging on the site about different topics, relevant to black women and girls and then added a therapist directory in 2016 and a podcast in 2017.

Mental Health of Black Girls and Women

The whole mission is to make mental health more relevant and acceptable. I think sometimes when you are talking about mental health, people want to use a lot of jargon and words that can be difficult to understand, and I really wanted to make sure I was producing content people could understand. I use a lot of people to the kinds of things they are already paying attention to. I really want to make sure people understand that mental health is more than just depression and anxiety. It’s also about learning about how to say “No more,” about boundaries. what healthy relationships look like, and how to stand up for yourself and be more assertive. I wanted to be able to start conversations around all of those different kinds of things that go into maintaining your mental health.


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