Dr. Roshawnna Novellus is on the leading edge of technology, finance, and ground breaking spiritual expertise all rolled into one. Having difficulty understanding advancements in technology and how they improve financial organizations? Need assistance with focusing on tasks, mindfulness and being present? She is the ultimate guide to mastering finances, mindfulness, science, technology, and business intelligence. Her integrated background of travel, science, business, faith, and real world experience, makes her a one of a kind source to teach, motivate and inspire new age thinking. 

The future is not the collection of unique sets of skills but rather the integration of mind, body and faith, science and spirit to build a harmonious lifestyle. Dr. Novellus has mastered these skills and wants to share them with you. She bridges the gap between spiritual mindfulness and growth, intentional financial planning, and scientific predictability. You can eliminate the uncertainty in your life, by adopting this multi-faceted lifestyle management system. Eliminate insecurity, fear, instability, and the clutter in your life by recognizing that all the ingredients to financial, physical, emotional and spiritual health are accessible. Dr. Novellus will deliver the sheet music to play the life you’ve always dreamed of.  

Dr. Novellus helps clear the fog of finding balance within your finances, work, life and goals. She is better known as “The Wealthy Yogi” because of her agility and foresight in the aforementioned areas.  She is an Enrolled Agent that is federally licensed to represent and resolve high-level tax disputes. As a world traveler she has journeyed to over 50 countries and 5 continents, and became certified in yoga philosophy and instruction in Thailand. Read below on her journey as well as her EnrichHer event that will be held April 27-28th.

What was your motivation to become a Business Coach?

Well, I believe that all entrepreneurs need capital, coaching and connection and specifically we need coaching because being an entrepreneur is hard, it has all these ebbs and flows. We have to be strategic with our goal sets while dealing with interacting with our clients, the public and everyone in between and coaching helps everyone be more efficient in alignment with what they’re trying to do and have a better mindset while doing it.

Where the experiences you gained assisting individuals, what motivated you to become an author?

Well, I’ve written and published two books so far, one is on technology and one is on budgeting. I wrote the budgeting book because understanding where your money is flowing and having a conversation with your money is something that every single person needs to do, and this is especially true if you decide to become an entrepreneur because money doesn’t flow as periodically as it does when you’re working for someone else. I’m working on another book right now that talks more about how to access capital but these two books really are supposed to help individuals have a better understanding of their relationship with their money and provide actionable strategies to be successful with making their money work for them.

Can you tell us more about what inspired you to create EnrichHer?

I love being part of the start of the ecosystem and I noticed that when I attended different events for the tech community or the civic engagement community or the art community, that there was different information presented and there are so many silos, especially here in Atlanta and I feel like there are so many entrepreneurs here and if people kind of can work together and fill in the gaps, they can elevate this city to like a tier one city in entrepreneurship. So, not only did I attend events geared for entrepreneurs, I also attended a lot of events for investors and most investors, whether you like it or not, are older white men, and people invest in who they know and trust. So, one way to change that paradigm is to have more investors that are women and more investors of color, investors that know about entertainment, arts, fashion and human resources and all of these amazing B sectors out there. So, my goal was to bring together investors that represent different sectors, who don’t necessarily fall into that most traditional investors type, along with entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors different age levels to different stages of businesses together. So, that we can provide inspiration, education, networking and matching with resources that are available in this city so that they can all thrive.

What would you like for others to gain from your event?

I want people to know that they don’t have to look a certain way or be a certain type of business owner to succeed, there are many types of ways for success. We have you know, Lisa Nicole Cloud who has become an entrepreneur in ways that are accessible to a lot of people such as multilevel marketing, and in fashion. A lot of people step their toes into entrepreneurship with multilevel marketing, [but] that’s the way she amassed millions of dollars. She’s done other things cleverly, but that’s one of the ways and I thought that was great because that’s a more traditional approach to entrepreneurship. Beyond that we have Susan Oh, who is one of the founders of Telemundo and people are always surprised because she’s not Hispanic, but she saw that, ‘hey this is a great need, there this huge community here no one’s really servicing this community, why don’t I start this?’ The list goes on with people from the tech industry entrepreneur, I do have Grace Fricks from Ace Capital, which has funded so many different businesses at their beginning and all of these insights from these women can help everyone learn that it doesn’t have to be one way. As long as we keep going and keep making moves in alignment with our vision then we can be successful.

Regarding Lisa Nicole Cloud, can you tell everyone what they can expect from such an inspiring woman?

Lisa Cloud is our keynote speaker for Thursday night and Abigail Tremble, who is the President of Randstad Healthcare is the keynote for the Friday morning event, but from her specifically, I want people to really understand the different levels of her journey and how she had to pivot in different ways to become a successful entrepreneur. How all of these different companies that she had come together to shape the life that she currently has, so I want people to really understand, how you can be an entrepreneur and have different interests. Because [of] the life that most of us have, most of us can’t drop everything and focus on one thing. [However] most of us have several different interests so how can we meld them together to be successful and still have a life that resembles who we are? So, that is what I want her to share with the audience.

Is this open to men and women and where do they go so they can attend?

People can purchase tickets straight from the EnrichHer website, that’s E N R I C H H E R, they can either decide to purchase tickets or you can be a vendor at the event or help in some other kind of way, if they just want to reach out to me, if they want to be involved in another kind of way for the event. Tickets are still available and everyone is welcome so you don’t have to be a woman, you can be a man that’s support this initiative, still show up we support everyone and we appreciate everyone supporting us.

Dr. Novellus, what would you like to see people bring to the event?

I want everyone to bring a resource that they can help another entrepreneur with. So, something they can help someone else with because we all have a mindset and we can, I can help this kind of entrepreneur with digital marketing, videography whatever then if we all get all the help that we need, we have that platform in place so that we can excel, so I want everyone to come with that.

How can everyone continue you follow you?  

Instagram: @roshawnnanovellus

LinkedIn: Dr. Roshawnna Novellus

Now budgeting is more liberation than limitation that the recent finance book and that is available on Amazon and yes on Amazon is the best and audible of the audio book as well and the other one is a vessel anticipatory engine it’s kind of like a very technical, so most people probably won’t be looking at that one but that also available on Amazon.

Final Comment to the readers:

I would like to tell all entrepreneurs that their dreams are worth it! So, as long as we all can remember that our dreams are worth achieving, we can give ourselves the boost that is required to keep on going.