Earl Boykins has always been a leader, from his time in the NBA to now as a leadership expert and coach to the youth. In an exclusive interview with SHEEN Magazine, Earl gave us the scoop on his basketball academy, MogulCon, and much more!

So you can tell me a little bit about the Boykins Basketball Academy?

The academy is a program I started five years ago as I retired from playing in the NBA. I wanted to reach out to individuals both boys and girls who couldn’t necessarily afford training to give them an opportunity to develop their basketball skills and not only to develop as basketball players but as people.

How was it transitioning into a coach?

It was fairly easy because I was a point guard and I was basically a coach my entire life. It helps when you’re very relatable and I can relate to everyone, especially with my size but also the difficulties I faced growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m able to relate to a lot of these kids and when they see me, they see someone that’s normal, I’m a normal sized person just like they are. So it’s easy to relate to me and my success.

In what ways have you impacted your players?

 I think I’ve given them a positive male role model. I think so many, especially at the high school level, don’t have positive male role models around and that’s often why the make mistakes/bad choices because they don’t have anyone to give them guidance.

How would we go about applying for this academy?

If you want to sign up we have an individual sign up in teams, go to

What is coming up next for you in the future?

I’m a leadership expert. I basically develop skills to help lead teams, organizations, and companies to help them foster growth in their industries. I’m also a motivational speaker.

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What has your experience been like thus far with MogulCon? How has Dr. Felicia Phillips impacted you?

MogulCon is an unbelievable event. It’s great to be around positive people who are willing to help others and that’s exactly who Felicia is. She has become a great mentor of mine and when you have someone who had success but is also willing to show you it’s a great thing. And that’s one thing that not just Felicia but all the women about, empowering and uplifting each other.

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