Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell Esq is a Supreme Performance and Professional Development Coach who leads people to eclipse the fear in their lives and propel them toward prosperity in every facet of their lives. An Attorney, CPA, and Certified Christian Life Coach, Lynita utilizes all of her skills to increase her clients Life ROI through her individual and group coaching, immersive live experiences, webinars, books, and online resources.  Lynita’s proprietary life improvement strategy centers around the enhancement of her clients’ Aggregate Intelligence Quotient, or AQ. AQ is the composite of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual Intelligence, and it evolves in direct correlation with one’s ability to successfully engage and overcome life challenges.

What are a few of the key messages you share with clients as a personal development coach?

You were born with all of the tools necessary to achieve greatness. But what you consider great at 10 looks different at age 40. Therefore, your AQ must evolve and develop, just as your body goes through its changes, to meet and exceed life’s demands. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by those challenges, meet them with enthusiasm and joy. Hard decisions, choices, and journeys are necessary to bring forth AQ enhancing experiences. One of the ways that this is accomplished is through transformative pain. 

To truly learn from an encounter, and take the lesson and the blessing, we must be willing to embrace the pain. Embrace the embarrassment, the terror, the confusion, the indecision, the inadequacy, the self-doubt… And get to the core as to why we feel these things so we may forgive and release them.

What is your favorite personal quote or affirmation?

The future belongs to those who believe in the future of their dreams.” -UN Ambassador and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Tell us about your new book and what makes it unique in the marketplace:

“Knocked Down Set Straight: Face It Speak It Forgive It Release It” is the culmination of five years of my life experiences getting my butt kicked, and learning how to use these experiences to prosper my life, my family’s lives,  and teaching my clients to do the same. I use examples from every area of life – business, family, community – to exemplify how to use pain to increase our individual intelligence quotients and thereby expand our Aggregate Intelligence Quotient. This book is a hilariously relatable guide to embracing the pain and watching the blessings reign.

What is next for you in 2020?

My next includes an international book and speaking tour kicking off Spring 2020, and launch of my podcast Leading Through Living. I also have an intensive healing Customize Your Life retreat, a luxury getaway to eclipse the fears that paralyzed you and warped your mind to conform to everyone else’s expectations of who you “should” be.

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All images by Christopher Mosley