BOOK #1: The Bomb Life

"Claire Sulmers is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of FashionBombDaily.com, one of the top 50 most influential style blogs in the world. With millions of followers on Instagram, tons of traffic, and loads of likes on Facebook, she has forged her own stylish path in the notoriously cut throat fashion industry. You'll see her twirling at celebrity parties and sitting front row at fashion week--but life wasn't always so glamorous. It took 10 years of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice to get to where she is.

In this stunning memoir and self-help book, she tells what she had to do to get to the top, and offers aspiring bloggers and digital influencers tips on how to monetize their sites, build an audience, and ultimately live the Bomb Life."

Chapter One Discussion

Claire Sulmers founder of Fashion Bomb Daily reveals her journey to attend an Ivey league institution and later become one of fashion's top celebrity bloggers.

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