Joy Osemwenkhae is a Nigerian-American native of Brooklyn, NY with a passion for beauty and technology. The relocation of her regular hair stylist prompted her to start thinking of ways people can find highly-rated hairstylists in their area. The entrepreneurial seed was planted. Unwilling to look back on her life with regret, Joy decided to quit her full-time job at a private equity fund and devote herself entirely to developing EEVOY, an appointment-booking app with social media features. The EEVOY app not only connects users with top-rated beauty professionals but enables them to share their experiences, powering the entire beauty community.

We caught up with Joy to find out more about EEVOY.

Give us all the deets on who Joy Osemwenkhae is!

Well hello! My name is Joy, I’m a Nigerian-American native of Brooklyn, NY. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting at Bernard M. Baruch College.

After graduation, I joined Deloitte as an auditor and quickly climbed the corporate ladder and moved into private equity. As with many things in life, opportunities arose for me through the most unexpected turn of events. I’m natural and when my hairstylist left it took me such a long time to find a quality natural hairstylist and during this time my hair suffered.

That’s what sparked me to develop EEVOY.

I wanted to create an app that will not only be beneficial to customers but beauty professionals as well. I think it is important to create a product that provides transparency and will benefit both parties. When there is transparency, you gain trust and can build loyal customers in the process.

Who is EEVOY for?

EEVOY is for women and men that provide or receive beauty and grooming services. EEVOY is for the beauty enthusiast. EEVOY is for the person that enjoy sharing tips and talking about the latest beauty trends. EEVOY is for working women and men that look for simplicity and convenience in managing their schedule. EEVOY is for the person that doesn’t mind sharing information on who provided the amazing hairdo they received for their wedding or birthday. EEVOY is for beauty professionals looking to grow clientele, loyal customers and their brand.

Which three words sum up what EEVOY stands for?

Book. Slay. Share.

Book beauty appointments 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

Slay is to have an amazing look by way of hair, makeup, nails, and everything beauty.

Share photos and videos of services received or given with the beauty community on EEVOY app.

What makes EEVOY stand out from other Beauty Appointment Apps?

What makes EEVOY stand out from other Beauty Appointment Apps is the ability for beauty professionals and customers to connect with one another and share beauty services received or given via photos and videos. Forging this connection essentially builds a community sharing the same interest – beauty. Beauty professionals can spend the time to focus on what matters the most and let EEVOY help them grow clientele. Let’s say I’m a customer that received a cute nail design for my upcoming vacation by a nail technician. I can share a photo with my followers of the work done and tag the business that did the work. This way, the guesswork of who did my nails is left at the door. The tag feature allows my followers to visit the business page and book an appointment with the business instantly. It’s basically free advertising for businesses when they have their customers vouching for them by sharing photos and videos of the services received with followers. Beauty professionals tagged to their business also have the option to share photos as well with their followers, and every photo or video posted on the app is watermarked to protect ownership rights of content posted. Also, the app is designed where customers can only tag a business if they were an actual customer. This feature protects the business so no random person can tag a business. Lastly, all reviews are verified. Verified reviews build credibility for the business as a brand and trust from customers.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

As an employee, I knew my hours and worked hard to move up the corporate ladder. During the busy season, I worked long hours but knew my hours. As an entrepreneur, there are no set hours. I’ve learned that I work harder as an entrepreneur than I ever did as an employee, but it does not feel like work because I’m so passionate about my company and what it stands for.  I’m constantly thinking of new ways to improve EEVOY for businesses and customers and that to me is exciting.

What advice would you give to young innovators who might want to launch their own app?

I would tell young innovators that want to launch an app to do market research first. Know your target audience and competitors. Find missing elements that can improve user experience and implement them in your app. Also, never doubt yourself. You might have people tell you not to build an app or you can’t build an app. Get rid of any negative energy, stay focused and be consistent in everything you do.

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