Ten years after launching the gossip blog, Necole Kane, founder of lifestyle blog xoNecole, moved from New York to Atlanta, back to New York, and has now returned to Atlanta with a purpose, as a different person, with a mindset to serve, believing, “It’s important to show women what transition looks like in the flesh.”

“Good luck with that, girl!” was the response when she decided to switch her brand from gossip to empowerment in 2015. People didn’t believe young women were in the business of growth and empowerment. College students were upset about their daily source of celebrity gossip suddenly being shut down. Today, lifestyle blogs are prevalent, and Necole loves it. “It’s not a trend,” she said. “Trends die.” Kane knows women will never get tired of uplifting one another, and “black girl magic” is a forever movement.

Her love of serving and empowering the transitional woman led to the development of the first annual ElevateHER Crawl. While still in New York, Kane sat with her team in November of 2018 and proclaimed this event as her gift to Atlanta. She was mission bound to serve women who had supported her from the start and continue to make up much of her fan base.

Kane started this venture with nervousness and anxiety. The Virgo in her triggered perfectionism. She was conscious of ticket prices, workshops, and all other aspects of her love letter to the ATL.

Inspired by xoNecole’s Boss Up series, the ElevateHER Crawl will be a place for women to shop, learn, and network. Kane was intentional in making this event a fun learning experience with over 20 vendors for retail therapy, cocktails, and light bites. There will be several panels throughout the day, providing goal-oriented women with gems to turn their dreams into a reality. The groups will consist of women who’ve started small businesses and created multimillion-dollar brands – but no matter what your goals are, ElevateHER is designed to inspire and build every woman.

To the young girl with dreams of being an entrepreneur and empowering women, Kane’s advice is to “get to know the women you’re empowering.” She understands the importance of knowing your audience and knowing their needs.

Saturday, August 3rd is one short week away. Kane is looking forward to watching women interact, create new friendships, and learn new things, with hopes that they’ll tell their friends to come along next year. Her nerves and anxiety have been replaced with excitement, and she now understands the initial overwhelming feelings.

“If you don’t get overwhelmed by an idea, it probably isn’t big enough.”

Images by J Patrick Photography 

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