Some may believe the entertainment world is a male dominated industry but we’re here to let you know women are changing the game! Emmy nominated TV Producer, Ebonice Atkins has always had a love for the industry. She began touring at the age of five when she was a back up dancer for the duo group, Duice. It doesn’t end there, at 14 years-old Atkins created and hosted her own television show entitled, “The Step Off” on People TV. The list of accomplishments continues for Atkins but more recently, she is known as “Dopecameragirl” and in 2011, she formed her own company, 7th Wonder Media. In this exclusive interview with SHEEN, Atkins opens up about her love for all the aspects of entertainment industry and how what you can expect to see from her in the future!

Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you got into the world of entertainment?

Well, I’m a TV producer and photographer. I’ve been producing for about 10 and a half years now. I got into television production as a kid actually. I was always with a camera. Back then, it was the camera that you had to go and get developed (laughs). But my mom worked in the music industry and my uncle, Emmanuel Lewis (aka Webster) is an actor, I actually took after him in the television world more than my mother because I didn’t like the idea of travelling a lot like my mother but to be honest, they’re both in the same field (laughs). I had a lot of television experience as a child.

Could you tell us about your experience creating and hosting your own show, The Step Off at just 14-years old?

In high school, I had the opportunity to have my own television show on People TV, a public access channel in Atlanta, Georgia. It was pretty cool, I created and hosted the show. I directed the show, edited it, doing it all. It was a great experience for me. I always liked being active in the community, talking to people, and being aware of what is going on in the city. The show was about anyone that had something going on; a hairstylist, a new business owner, etc. It was a public access channel so that was everything the audience wanted to see. As a kid, I figured out what the people wanted and that was great!

Could you give us insight on 7th Wonder Media?

I created 7th Wonder Media in 2011. I was just finishing school and being involved in media means that I’m well versed in the seven mediums of the entertainment industry. I’m experienced in literally seven different aspects of the industry, which I love! Producing, talent development, photography, graphic design, consulting, you name it! 7th Wonder Media is intertwined in all seven aspects. Being young and starting up a new company with a lot of support from celebrities was great! Now, I’m transitioning into “Dopecameragirl.” Dopecameragirl LLC, 7th Wonder Media still exists but I’m transitioning into Dopecameragirl which does all of the things 7th Wonder Media does. Everyone knows me as Dopecameragirl because well, I’m a dope camera girl (laughs).

You’ve accomplished SO much; You’ve had your work published on outlets such as Sheen, BallerAlert, and many more! What can we expect to see from you in the future?

You know, honestly, I thought about what I would say to you today whenever you asked this question. I’m going to be really honest because I want to be honest with the people and the readers. I’ve been in the television industry for 10 and a half years now and the way producers get jobs is the same way actors get jobs. Once the show is over, you’re done. What’s next? You have to wait until the next gig. Well, it’s been eight months since my last television show. I’m on to the wire, my accounts are overdrafted, I have no money, and I have no money. But, I invested my last bit of money into upgrading my cell phone and buying an iPad for a docu-series I’m working on. I have so many ideas for television! I’m just tired of “Nos’ and want to create my own opportunity by investing in myself.

The docu-series I’m creating is called, Vent. It’s a social viral experiment. It will consist of four episodes, each featuring someone that needs to vent about something and we will showcase how they express it. The social viral experiment comes into play because I want to create a vent box, which will be a mobile confessional box. People will have 30-seconds to come into the box and vent about something that may be frustrating them. Many people just don’t know that there are pros and cons to venting to their peers. I really want to help people and grasp America.

If you feel as if Vent is a great idea, guess what?! You can be a part of it too!
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