A new year is upon us and with it comes those moments of reflection, the chance of a new beginning – a fresh start – and of course those inevitable resolutions, which we hopefully haven’t already given up on. Personally, one of my goals for 2019 is to find companies and people who I can stand behind, not solely for the quality of the materials they offer, but the story and message behind their brand, or in other words, companies, and people with a solid foundation. Through the years, I have learned, the hard way I suppose, that it’s not very often that anything good comes from a bad seed, so why not just start with a good one?

Saying this, at the core of any company – the individual who planted that initial seed – is its founder and a cosmetics line is no different. And if you haven’t heard, there’s a new cosmetic line making waves, just waiting to help you find the most beautiful you. Let me introduce you to ENJA Cosmetics, and its founder Ashley Walker.

Ashley Walker desired to enter the cosmetic industry, as she wanted to provide the world with quality makeup anyone could afford, while likewise emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, with products designed for every shade and color of skin, no matter how different or unique. From this desire, ENJA Cosmetics was born. Walker named her new company after her four children, in that each letter of ENJA stands for the first initial of one her children’s names, as she wanted her company’s name to stand for something she loved. A solid foundation if there ever was one.

As a mother of four, and while working a full-time job, Walker took the slow and steady approach, making sure to keep up with her responsibilities, while simultaneously managing ENJA Cosmetics after hours, during the free time she could spare. Initially, ENJA only featured a line of lipsticks, but then added nail polishes, lip glosses, and an eyeshadow palette as well. Walker learned how to manage the stressful nature of switching roles – from mother, to employee, to business owner. She began learning the ins and outs of running a business and picked up a few tricks along the way, such as how to incorporate her children into the company. For instance, her daughter personally chooses the colors for the lip glosses, and might I add, what phenomenal colors! She explains that the learning process has only enhanced her passion for makeup, as she has witnessed firsthand the confidence-boosting effect ENJA has on the individuals wearing it, further solidifying her belief that makeup is a tool helping people to fully express the way they feel. In fact, ENJA’s tag statement, “Helping You to Find Beautiful,” wonderfully encompasses this sentiment.

Needless to say, ENJA has continued to consistently grow and very soon will be releasing its first foundation line, which is sure to accentuate and shine whichever skin tone you’ve been blessed with. Adding to this, ENJA will also be adding a glitter lipstick and blush to its line of products. So stay tuned! SHEEN will let you know the moment they arrive.

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All Images: ENJA Cosmetics